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Built in 1894 as The Baily Building Is part of the Pioneer Square Historic District which was entered in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Designed in 1901 by Max Umbrecht For Clifford Beebe, This Building Although Presenting an Elegant Neo-Regency Facade, Housed a Modest Hostelry for Most of its Earlier Life. It was Restored to In-City Housing by the Cornerstone Development Co…
On This SiteThe Salvation Army Commenced Work in SeattleJune 5th 1887
Beneath your feet lies the wreckage of the pioneer sidewheel steamer "Idaho", which served from 1900 until 1909 as Dr. Alexander de Soto's famous wayside mission hospital. Here Dr. de Soto ministered to the needs of seafarers and the destitute, do…
Colman Dock was built on this site by J. M. Colman in 1909. This dock was center of ferry boat activity on Puget Sound. Seattle Ferry Terminal dedicated May 18, 1966, National Maritime Day - 1966
Originally the Young's Credit Jewelers Clock c. 1907 located at 4th and Pike. Donated to Historic Seattle by the Dean Black family. Placed here in dedication to Earl Drais Layman City of Seattle Historic Preservation Officer 1974 - 1982, in apprec…
The Seattle Fire started here on June 6, 1889 —————————— This tablet was placed by Survivors of the Seattle Volunteer Fire Department
Only the base of this building, designed by the well-known firm of Bebb and Gould, in 1915 was designated. In 1982 the Bumgardner Partnership saved the facade and merged it into the new tower for the Cornerstone Development Corporation.
Bank of California On this spot the first school in Seattle was taught by Mrs Catherine P. Blaine in January 1854 ———————————— This Tablet was Erected by the Washing…
Designed by Max Umbrecht for J.W. Clise, this building originally housed stores, offices and lodgings, and together with others in the area, marked the northward move of the downtown up First Avenue. Later it was converted into a parking garage an…