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The Norman Tower of London. . The Norman Tower of London. Begun in 1075-9, William the Conqueror's stone tower was so impressive that the castle is still called the Tower today. He built the fortress on the river in the south east of the ancient …
Collapse at the Tower of London!. . Collapse at the Tower of London!. Between 1238-40 Henry III expanded the castle beyond the Roman city boundary, ringing it with a new wall and whitewashing the Norman tower. He also built a magnificent western …
The Tower in flames. . The Tower in flames. In the early hours of 31 October 1841, the Grand Storehouse caught fire and burned to the ground. Crowds watched the flames destroy the huge 17th-century building and artists painted the spectacle. T…
This cannon was formerly used as a bollard on Tower Wharf. British, early 18th century
This howitzer is mounted on its original iron garrison carriage. British about 1850, cast by Henckell & Company, Wandsworth, London
A Crimean War trophy, captured at Sebastopol in 1855. This bears the Russian Imperial arms in relief and is mounted on a Venglov pattern 1853 carriage. Russian, about 1840-50
Weighing 5 ¾ tons (5842 kg), this gun was commissioned by order of St John. Its decoration includes heraldic devices, bands of cupids and vines, and St Michael overthrowing Satan. Brought from Malta to England around 1800, it was transferred from…
Formerly used as a bollard on Tower Hill, a practice that started as early as the seventeenth century. England, about 1700, probably cast at the Ashburnham foundry, Sussex
Captured by the 2nd Bn Royal Fusiliers Gallipoli, 25 April 1915
This gun was cast by Samuel Walker & Company of Rotherham, Yorkshire, and it bears the monogram of King George III. For many years it was used in the Tower as a lamp post. British, about 1800