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Oxford Preservation Trust Prison Governor's House (1848) This was originally designed as an imposing detached house with extensive gardens, just outside the prison wall. It was eventually incorporated into the prison and now links to D Wing.
Oxford Preservation Trust Archaeology, the Castle Ditch and its skeletons In 2003 excavations uncovered the Castle Ditch part of the defences of the Norman Castle. 64 human skeletons were found buried here, many dating from the late 16th c…
Oxford Preservation Trust The Perimeter Wall at Oxford Prison (1790) The wall is built close to a stream using large stones with a rubble inner core and smaller loose stones above, and later, razor wire. All this made escape underneath or ove…
Oxford Preservation Trust Prison Debtors' Tower (1790) This Tower was built to imprison debtors who owed money. A rare triangular stone staircase leads to four floors divided into cells, some with fireplaces. Prisoners remained in prison unti…