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This mountain, 14,110 feet above the sea and the most celebrated peak in America, is named for the explorer, Capt. Zubulon M. Pike, who saw it first in 1806. He attempted to climb it, failed and reported it unclimbable. Ascended in 1820 by Dr. Edw…
The Rocky Mountains are the longest chain of mountains in the world. They divide the United States watershed between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Colorado has 53 peaks over 14,000 feet. One inch on the Horizon equals about 38 miles.
(West side):Colorado Territory - OrganizedFebruary 28, 1861Colorado Admitted as a StateAugust 1, 1876Census of Territory in 1861 - 23,331War GovernorsWilliam GilpinRichard Ed Whitsitt Adjutant General1861-1862John EvansDavid H. Moffat, Jr. Adjutan…
In Honor of Christopher Columbus(Cristoforo Colombo 1451-1506) Italian Visionary and Great NavigatorThis bold explorer was the first European to set foot on uncharted land, on a West Indies beach in 1492. His four voyages brought Europe and the…
This tablet is theProperty of the State of Colorado——This plaque was presented to the City of Denver by the Colorado State Historical Society and the American Pioneer Trails Association on June 3, 1951, the day street cars were retired…
This tablet is theProperty of the State of Colorado——Here was the end of the famousSmoky Hill TrailImmigrant and stage road extendingfrom the Missouri River to Denver.Traversed by pioneers in 1858.Surveyed by W.G. Russell in 1860.Route…
Four CornersThe four corners of 17th and Champa Streets are occupied by the Boston Building (1890), the Colorado National Bank (1915), the Railway Exchange (Title) Building (1937), and the Ideal Cement (Colorado Federal) Building (1907). All were …
The value of one's life can be measured by how he or she has added value to the lives of others. In 2003 this statue was dedicated to those who gave freely of their time to serve Westminster Citizens through the fire service and community activities.
Denver's emergence as the metropolis of the Rockies is directly related to its role as the regional rail hub. When the transcontinental railroad chose Cheyenne and not Denver as its gateway to the west, Denverites rallied. Civic leaders such as Go…
Mt. Evans, ColoradoElevation 14,125 ft."The World's Highest Operational Observatory"Building Dedication August 19, 1996 "...for educational purposes in astrophysics and astronomy..."
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