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Marine RailwayIn 1822 Commodore John Rogers designed and built the first marine railway in the United States. The purpose of the railway was to haul ships out of the water for repair or preservation of their hull. Before this time, ships needing h…
Frank W. Crilley was born in Trenton, New Jersey on September 13, 1888. Following enlistment in the Navy in March, 1900 he became a gunner's mate and received additional training as a diver. In 1915 he made dives to over 300 feet during salvage op…
This building was originally constructed as the pneumatic power plant for the forge shop in 1901. In 1962 the last gun shop closed down and the Yard began its transition from an industrial facility to an administrative and ceremonial headquarters …
Earthworks of Fort Chaplin are visible through the wooded areas at the top of the hill. Fort Chaplin was named in honor of Col. Daniel Chaplin, who was mortally wounded on August 17, 1864, at Deep Bottom, Virginia.
Earthworks of Battery Ricketts are visible inside the wooded area in front of you. Battery Ricketts, built to defend an area in front of Fort Stanton, was named for Maj. Gen. James B. Ricketts.
Earthworks of Fort Carroll are visible 100 yards to the right at the top of the hill. Fort Carroll was named in honor of Maj. Gen. Samuel Sprigg Carroll, a West Point graduate from the District of Columbia.
Site of U.S. Experimental Model Basin 1898-1955Founded by Rear Admiral David Watson Taylor who was the Director until 1914. Here the Navy laid the foundations for research in ship and aircraft design with the establishment of a 470 foot towing …
Dedicated on 23 April 1998by Senator John F. Kerryand Wade Sanders of theSwift Boat Sailors Association, Inc.in recognition of those who servedand in memory of lost comrades
On display in Willard Park, named for the early 20th century commandant of the Yard, are over 60 naval artifacts from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Mounted at the western end of the park is a fine collection of turn-of-the-century naval …
Was organized 1822, rebuilt in 1838 andcompleted in 1880. This site possess exceptional value incommemorating the Religious Life of theNegro in the United States of America.Designated a Category II Landmark bythe Joint Committee on Landmarks an…
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