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Andres Memorial Park Winnebago Indian Encampment Area Park of Village of Freeman - 1853 McKinley School Site 1871 to 1968 Destroyed by Tornado May 15, 1968 Original McKinley Schoolbell used as Memorial to Leonard & Matilda Andres
Dana Park In Memory Of Ida Ellis Dana Former Site of Leonard House Hotel Given to C.I.A. in 1945
In Honor Of The Men And Women From The Charles City Area Who Bravely Served Their Country In Military Service
Presented by Charles City Woman's Club In memory of Those who lost their lives In the tornado of May 15, 1968 Sadie Chambers · Ruth Dawson · Harry Hall · Marie Greenlees · May Gault · Arthur Jacob…
Duty Honor Sacrifice This memorial is dedicated to all Floyd County area veterans who have honorably served, are currently serving or will serve in the uniformed services of the United States during peacetime, conflict or war. Let this memor…
24.85' indicates the river level of the 1965 flood. The levee did not exist. Damage was estimated at $5,286,600.
Named in Memory of -Herbert Quick- -Statesman-Writer- -Mayor of Sioux City- He Knew and Loved the Prairie's of Iowa -1861 - 1925-
This bridge is a type of bridge patented in 1844, by Thomas and Caleb Pratt. The first Pratt truss bridges were wood designs, but when wrought iron and then steel became more available, the design quickly switched to metal. Metal bridges could han…
Midwestern prairie towns relied on trains to bring passengers, consumer goods, construction lumber, mail and coal. A town with a depot enjoyed more business activity and travelers coming and going because trains made regularly scheduled stops to l…
Dedicated in Memory of Roselie Menard Sioux City's First Bride Born 1838 A.D. Died 1865 A.D. Presented By Milton E. Follis 1939 Officers of Woodbury County Pioneer Club Frank E. Gill, Pres. W.M. Stevens, Past Pres. Ida M. Car…
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