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Brigham Young and band of Mormons crossed the Des Moines River here March 5, 1846 on their trek to Utah.
Jews have been part of the social, economic and cultural life of Iowa since the early 19th century. It was not until 1855 that the Jewish population in Keokuk grew large enough to establish a religious community, Congregation B'nai Israel ( Childr…
Side A Northern Iowa landforms result from the action of 3 separate glacial ice sheets. Clear Lake, south of here, is one of the many Iowa lakes formed by glacial action. Pilot Knob, a glacially formed hill west of here, is one of highest points …
Designed and built by Eli Cox. Length: 79 feet Weight: 40 ton. Covered timber superstructure, towne lattice truss with overlay queenpost frame, fastened with round wooden pins and iron bolts. Originally located 18 miles N.E. of Winterset, near…
[Main Memorial:] Erected by the people of Madison County, Iowa, as a grateful tribute to the memory of its soldiers and sailors. [Red Granite Cemetery Assocation marker]: This plot of ground was donated by the Cemetery Association to the War M…
Dedicated to the memory of the following men who gave the supreme sacrifice in the defence of their country World War II Dale E. Bell · Harold Bloomquist · Edward Briggie · Edward Butcher · Ross Chickering · Ge…
The grateful public dedicate this marble column to the Patriotic Dead who fell during the Great Rebellion this monument is gratefully erected to the soldiers of Madison County who gave their lives for their Country
On this site a Methodist Chapel was constructed in 1834. As the first church in Iowa, it served not only as a place of worship but as a community center in an early spirit of civic concern, ecumenism and racial integration. At various times th…
Medal of Honor WWII Iwo Jima Campaign 15-16 March 1945 Pharmacist's Mate 1st Class 2d Battalion, 24th Marines, 4th Marine DivisionU.S. Navy
In memory of all veterans.