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To commemorate the Blackhawk Purchase Treaty signed by Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott and Hon. John Reynolds for the United States of America and by Chiefs Keokuk and Waupella for the Sac and Fox Indians at Davenport Iowa Sept. 21, 1832.
This Marker Commemorates The Early Trails Across Mills Co. Dragoon 1835 Mormon 1846 Stagecoach 1850 And Honors The Valiant Pioneers Who Travelled Them
Early Pioneer Of This Community Arrived Coonville (Glenwood) July 4, 1849 From England. Operated First Grist Mill Built On This Site By J.W. Coolidge in 1849. Established Sivers-Deupree Mill On Keg Creek North Of Glenwood 1865. Operated Vinton Mil…
West Side of Monument Floyd This Shaft Marks the Burial Place of Sergeant Charles Floyd A Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition He Died in his Country's service and was buried near this spot August 20, 1804 Graves of such men are Pi…
Has Been Designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the Provision of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This Site Possesses Exceptional Value in Commemorating and Illustrating the History of the United States of America
Sergeant Charles Floyd Sergeant Charles Floyd was one of the outstanding members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Born in Jefferson County, Kentucky sometime between the years 1780 and 1785, his father and uncles served with George Rogers Clark d…
Sgt. Floyd's Burial On Monday, August 20, 1804 this was written in the journal of Lewis and Clark: "...I am Dull & heavy been up the greater Part of last night with Serjt. Floyd, who is as bad as he can be to live...We set out under a jentle Br…
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of Discovery" to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired Louisia…
Correctionville - the city with the longest single name in Iowa - was named for the correction line which forms Fifth Street through the heart of the Business District. Correction lines were used by surveyors in making land divisions. Since the…
This marks the site of Camp Harlan used as a training camp by the 4th Iowa Cavalry and the 25th Iowa Infantry during the Civil War Dedicated by Belle Coddington Tent No. 34 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 June…
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