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Lincoln[Also engraved in the stone around the tomb are the names or abbreviations of every state at the time of Abraham Lincoln's death]
State Historical SiteFrank Lloyd Wright ArchitectBuilt 1902-1904
The Old State Capitol was the fifth Statehouse in Illinois history. The building served as Capitol from 1839 to 1876. Its cornerstone was laid during ceremonies held July 4, 1837. During the 1840s and 1850s the building dominated Springfield's …
(Left marker): These building stones were preserved from the Danville Law Office of Abraham Lincoln and the Vermilion County Courthouse where he practiced law. This kettle was used from 1824 to 1831 at the Salt Works of Major Vance. The site of…
From Gilbert's Mill on North Fork River in Ellsworth Park, Danville's first mill
Abraham Lincoln delivered an impromptu address from the balcony of this house while a guest here in 1858
Abraham Lincoln made his farewell address to the people of Illinois at the Tolono Station February 11, 1861. "I am leaving you on an errand of national importance, attended as you are aware with considerable difficulties. Let us believe as some po…
Victory St. Mihiel, Argonne Forest, Mont de Signes, Oise-Aisne Offensive. In memory of the heroes of the old 8th Infantry, Illinois National Guard, redesignated during the World War as the 370th Infantry of the United States Army who died in…
This portion of the Tinsley Building, a merchant block constructed in 1840-1841, is the only surviving structure in which Abraham Lincoln maintained a law office. Intended originally for commercial use, much of the building was rented for other pu…
Abraham Lincoln prepared and wrote his first inaugural address as President of the United States, in the third story of this building in the month of January, 1861.