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The silhouette on the bluff to the East, astride the actual Chisholm Trail, was completed in 1995 after hundreds of hours of volunteered labor, land, and donations. The "Ghosts" will forever remind us of the great cattle drives, 1866 - 1887, when …
Unique railroading history is on display before you. A three-way interlocking railway crossing. The crossing, formerly located in the northern part of Columbus, was donated to the City of Columbus by the Burlington Northern Railroad. At the tim…
This marker stands within a geologic feature known as the Big Basin, which is a sinkhole or "sink" about a mile in diameter and more than a hundred feet deep. Although it has the appearance of a valley, it is entirely surrounded by higher ground. …
In July, 1877 Negro "exodusters" from Kentucky established a settlement here in the Promised Land of Kansas which they named Nicodemus. Although the colonists lacked sufficient tools, seed and money they managed to survive the first winter, some b…
Famous Children's Bookby: Laura Ingalls WilderKansas Home Of Charles Ingalls Family 1869-1870Carrie Ingalls was born here Aug. 3, 1870 (Third Daughter)Sunny Side School 1872-1946Wayside Post Office 1874-1976
Nothing in the struggle over slavery in Kansas did more to inflame the nation than the mass killing which took place May 19, 1858, about four miles northeast of this marker. Charles Hamelton who had been driven from the territory by Free-State men…
Erected May 9, 1935byThe Woman'sRelief CorpsDepartment of KansasAuxiliary to theGrand Army "John Brownof KansasHe dared beginHe lostBut losing won"          ? ? ? ? ? Eugene N. Ware
This memorial is dedicated tothose men who successfullydefended Coffeyville during theDalton Raid. October 5, 1892