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The Trip Ahead The Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails proved to be both challenging and exhilarating for the travelers in the caravans passing near here. Letters and diaries are filled with the adventures, excitement, and hardships faced on …
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Images Art Gallery has proudly designed and painted this mural depicting "A Day on the Trail." The Santa Fe Trail was a two-way trail of commerce and cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico from 1821 to the 1870's. Oxen or mules pul…
Imagine seeing Santa Fe Trail wagon trains coursing through Overland Park! Around you swirls the sights and sounds of wagons creaking, oxen braying, and wagon masters shouting commands. You are standing between two historic branches of the Santa F…
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A landmark building designated by the O.P. Landmark Commission
Like waves across an ocean of grain, wind ripples through acre after acre of wheat in Sumner County. This area produces more hard red wheat than any other in the United States. Mennonites who emigrated from Europe in the 1870's planted the firs…
Perkins Building/Old Condon Bank This is the bank that Grat Dalton, Dick Broadwell, & Bill Powers attempted to rob. When they asked for the money in the vault, they were told that the time lock wouldn't open for 10 minutes. As they waited, gun sh…
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Born in Coffeyville, KS. July 22, 1921 Killed in Action, WW II August 7, 1945 After graduating from Coffeyville Junior College, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and served in the Pacific Theater as engineer gunner on a B-25 medium bomber…
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