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This property has been placed on the National Registerof Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Sugarcane cultivation brought wealth to planters here along Bayou Black and present-day highway 311. A handful of mansions remain standing, flanked by majestic trees. The Sugar Row Plantations thrived during the decades following the end of slaver…
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the bayou in front of you was Houma's busiest thoroughfare. You might have seen hunters, trappers and fisherman bringing seafood and animal hides to market. Boatmen hauled crops to inland railroad hubs. Profiteer…
European settlers found oysters abundant in coastal Louisiana. By 1890, enterprising Houma oystermen saw opportunity in the availability of ice, expanding railroads, and advances in canning. Oysters could now be shipped across the nation.Houma boo…
Over 2,500 Acadians settled in the Spanish colony of Louisiana between 1764 and 1788, Although victims of the Deportation, none were deported directly to Louisiana. Acadians made their way to Louisiana from various locations. The first group…
Panel 1 EnglishL'Acadie, established by France in 1604, was a strategically located and highly coveted colony. In 1713, it was handed over to England and renamed Nova Scotia. The foundation of Halifax, in 1749, led part of the. Acadian populat…
2nd Lieutenant,1st Ranger Battalion.He was a native of Franklin, Louisiana.Killed in Dieppe raidin France, August 19, 1942.Loustalot was the firstAmerican soldier to dieon European soil in World War II.
H. Molenar and J.A. Dalsuet photographed much of early Marksville and its early inhabitants. Most of the photographs that have survived were made by Molenar who had a studio on this site.
Raised Greek Revival dwelling with Victorian influence built in 1872 by Alfred and Elizka Bordelon. Occupied by direct descendants. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Marksville Church of the Nazarene was organized on October 26, 1926 in the home of Mrs. L.J. Coco. Rev. L.L. Latham was the first minister. This "New England" style building has outstanding twelve over twelve windows. Congregation…
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