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This 1.1 acre site represents the history of public education in rural United States. It was one of 68 rural school districts organized in Nicollet County. The first school building on this site was built in the early 1860's. The present building,…
Dedicated to all who Served and Those who Died
Dedicated to all Area Veterans who Served our Nation
In Honor of the Men and Women of Sibley County who Served our CountryDuring time of War Lest We Forget Forever in our Hearts
This Park is named in honor of Ray Erlandson, and through him, all the men and women who have served the citizens of the City of Mankato as firefighters promoting and preserving the public's safety. Ray Erlandson served as a City of Mankato firefi…
In Honor of ThoseWho Served in theKorean War1950 - 1953Died 54,246Wounded 103,284MIA 8,177
Dedicated to theMen and WomenWho ServeTheir Country
This building is all that remains of the former Morris Industrial School for Indians. Built in 1899, it along with a classroom building, a superintendent's residence, a laundry, a bath house, and a barn were added to the Indian mission school orig…
Many people have a strong spiritual bond with this land. American Indians have used this prairie for thousands of years carrying out their spiritual traditions on what they believe is sacred ground. Each year tribal people from across the country …
It's very spiritual. Your own personal connection to the earth mother, to the quartzite, to the pipestone rock...The benefit of it all is you get a sense of oneness with everything here." Travis Erickson, quarrier You are looking at pile…
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