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On May 27, 1890 E.J. Longyear established a tent camp for his crew and himself near the tripod of the drill. He brought his bride to the drill site in September 1890. Constructed on the hill was a two room building made of rough pine boards from a…
Approximately 1,400 feet from this point, the first diamond drill hole in the state of Minnesota was sunk in 1890. E. J. Longyear began drilling June 3, 1890 and completed operations on the hole December 9, 1890. Reaching a depth of 1293 feet, dur…
On June 3rd, 1890, E.J. Longyear at this site completed to a depth of 1293 ft., the first diamond drill test hole for iron ore in the state of Minnesota Dedicated to the memory of Dorthea and Richard P. Longyear
This piece of rock is from the lower part of the Upper Slaty Member-Biwabik Formation. The rock consists of thin wavy beds of magnetite—magnetic, black fine grained argillite & irregular shaped pods or lenses of chert/silicate. This rock is …
The most characteristic feature of the Finnish homestead is the sauna (pronounced "sow-na"), a place for family and friends to share what they considered to be the "well spring" of life and health. To Finnish homesteaders, the sauna was more than …
Gunnar Peterson (1880-1951) was Virginia's first horticulturalist, hired in 1926. He became renowned for his elaborate flower beds at this location. Born in Sweden, he learned landscape architecture under his father and grandfather and received ad…
Hokka immigrated to this country in 1913. Using skills learned in Finland, he constructed this building with locked dovetail corners. Donated by John Trenti and Robert Berger, 1980
On October 28, 1865, geologist Henry H. Eames returned to St. Paul after initiating a survey of the mineral wealth present in the Lake Vermilion area only to find an abundance of rumors concerning a valuable gold strike on the shores of that lake.…
AH-1 Cobra helicopter serial number 67-1565 saw action in the Vietnam War with D Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Air Calvary. This aircraft was damaged on three different occasions while flying combat missions from 1968 to 1970. Two former crew members o…
We honor the Madison area servicemen who gave their lives in foreign Wars to protect our nation's freedom.
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