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Congregation established in 1834 by William Ervin, Elizabeth and Drennon Love, James Ervin, Rosmand Odeneal and Thomas and Margaret E. Witherspoon. These Scots-Irish pioneers from Alabama and the Carolinas settled here after the Choctaw Cession of…
The Beersheba Cumberland Presbyterian Church became part of the Tombecbee Presbytery in 1825 and joined the New Hope Cumberland Presbytery in 1866. The cemetery was established in 1827 and contains the graves of many veterans. The date Beersheba C…
Built in 1946 as the first "Road Switcher" of its type in U.S. Columbus and Greenville Railway's first diesel powered locomotive. Retired in 1984 after thirty-eight years on freight and passenger trains.
When General Sherman advanced on Atlanta, General Forrest sought to destroy the Union supply line between Nashville and Chattanooga. He had nearly reached the Tennessee River when he had to turn back to meet a Union force marching southeast from M…
This Greek Revival courthouse has served as Madison County's seat of government since its construction, 1854-58. Canton, incorporated in 1836, is the fourth county seat of Madison Co., which was created in 1828.
In the summer of 1864, General Forrest's hard hitting troops in Northern Mississippi threatened the supplies of General Sherman's campaign against Atlanta. Therefore, General A.J.Smith marched 14,000 Union troops against Forrest. He reached Tupelo…
Here, on July 4, 1864, Union landing force, sent from Rodney by General Ellett in search of cotton, clashed with C.S.A. cavalry under Maj. Moorman & was driven back to boats.
Here in the shade of a stunted oak General John C. Pemberton met General Ulysses S. Grant to negotiate the surrender of Vicksburg. When Pemberton refused unconditional surrender terms, Grant suggested they step aside and let subordinate officers a…
In MemoryOf The Men Of TheFederal AndThe ConfederateArmieswho took part in the Battle of Tupeloor HarrisburgJuly 14-15,1864.Which resulted ina victory for theFederal Forces underMajor GeneralAndrew J. Smith
To HoldThe CrossroadsPlacing th 93rd Illinois,8th Illinois and 114th Illinois Infantry here andimmediately behind, heplaced his artilleryconsisting of Battery B of 2nd Illinois; 7th Wisconsin Battery; 14th Indiana Battery;Battery E of 1st Illinois…