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Borrow Pits At the Pocahontas site, dirt was dug in prehistoric times from some areas, referred to by archaeologists as borrow pits, for two uses. One was to fill in along the edges of a narrow ridge to make a larger flat area where house…
Midden Mounds A midden mound is another type of "mound" frequently found where American Indians once lived. Unlike ceremonial mounds, midden mounds were not purposely constructed for a specific use, but rather were created by the accumulati…
The time during which American Indians lived at the Pocahontas site can be split into two periods: the period before Mound A was built and the period after. Before Mound A was built there appears to have been a relatively large group of peop…
A significant archaeological site initially settled by people of the Poverty Point culture ca. 1000 BC and continuously occupied through all subsequent archaeological periods of the Lower Miss. Valley.
Belmont, one of the few antebellum houses remaining in the Ms. Delta, was built ca, 1857 for W.W. Worthington. Federal troops plundered 1863. Belmont Hunting Lodge founded 1946 by Gov. Dennis Murphree.
Front Sam Chatmon (c. 1899-1983), a celebrated singer and guitarist who spent most of his life in Hollandale, sometimes performed with his brothers in a renowned family string band billed as the Mississippi Sheiks. He embarked on a new solo caree…
Front A native of Hollandale who picked cotton as a child, a University of Southern Mississippi graduate and Navy pilot, Ben Peters (1933-2005) went on to become a Nashville songwriting legend, penning fourteen number-one hits, including three of…
Front Many blues performers who gained fame in the Delta, Jackson, and Chicago and on the southern soul circuit have lived in or near Tchula, including Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor, Jimmy Dawkins, Jesse Robinson, Lewis "Love Doctor" Clark, Litt…
Front The Pocahontas site consists of two mounds and an associated village area. Mound A is a rectangular platform mound currently 20 feet tall, built between AD 750 and 1500. Excavations located structural features on the mound surface, …
Discovered 5 miles west of here on Sept. 5, 1939, Tinsley was the first oil field east of the Mississippi River in the Gulf Coast region. During the first 50 years, 220,000,000 barrels of oil were produced.
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