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State dog. Prized for big game hunting skills. Breed refined in 1800s by Henry Plott & Family. Their home 2 mi. SW.
The Presbyterian congregation was organized before 1760 by Scots-Irish settlers. Robert Henry, the first permanent pastor, arrived in 1766. Rev. James McRee served from 1778 to 1797. Sugar Creek was the first Presbyterian church in the region, org…
Opened in 1947, this ½ - mile red dirt track was built by brothers, Bill & Bob Blair. It hosted two NASCAR Grand National races. Herb Thomas won in 1953 and Lee Petty won in 1954. Notable drivers were Fireball Roberts, Flock Brothers, Myers B…
Formerly Trinity College. Name was changed in 1924 to honor Washington Duke whose son James B. Duke endowed the institution.
Devastated western N.C. and western Piedmont; destroyed homes, crops, mills, bridges. Ten lives lost, July 16, in washout of trestle 1 mile south.
Established 1764. Rev. Humphrey Hunter, the first minister, arrived in 1796. Moved to present site, 2 mi. NW, in 1956.
Roman Catholic. Liberal arts coeducational college. Founded, 1876, by Order of St. Benedict. One mile north.
Governor of North Carolina, 1945 ~ 1949. State legislator. Promoted good roads and rural electrification. Grave is 3 miles S.E.
State institution for crippled children, 1921 - 1979. R.B. Babington was its first president; O.L. Miller, founding surgeon.
Here served members of Companies 413 and 2410 at Camp SP-2 of the Civilian Conservation Corps (1933-1942) that magnificent Army of Youth and Peace which put into action the awakening of the people to the facts of conservation and recreation. May, …
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