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Dedicated to The Men and Women of Chaves County, New Mexico Who Served Their Country During the Persian Gulf War 1990 — 1991 by Roswell Cares Support Group
In Remembrance of The Veterans of All Wars and Military Actions Who Made The Supreme Sacri Fice With Grateful Appreciation from The Citizens of Chavez County Nov. 11, 1983
Dedicated February 24, 1968 To the Men and Women Of New Mexico Who Serve With The United States Navy
In Memory Of The Men And Women Of The American Merchant Marine ———————————- American Merchant Marine Veterans This ancient anchor is a tribute to Merchant Mariners the wor…
Commemorating 20 Years of Frontier Science At the VLA Pete V. Domenici United States Senator Dr. Rita R. Colwell Director National Science Foundation Dr. Paul C. Martin Chairman of the Board Associated Universities, Inc. August …
Created December 31, 1987-Dedicated August 24, 1991. The El Malpais National Conservation Area (NCA) was the first area so designated by Congress in New Mexico. Congress established the NCA to conserve and protect the important geological, archeol…
Traveling with the colonizing expedition of Juan de Oñate, Doña Eufemia rallied Spanish soldiers to persevere when morale broke down during their long journey on the Camino Real. Settling in present-day New Mexico, she rallied 22 women to defend…
Arriving in the silver mining boomtown of Kingston in 1886, Sadie Jane Creech Orchard is arguably the most colorful woman in New Mexico history. Sadie opened brothels, worked as a prostitute, built and operated hotels, restaurants, and co-owned an…
Why is it called Lake Valley? The town was originally located north of here, and during the 1870's derived its name from nearby relic lake beds. At that time it was just a small stage stop. That location was flooded, and the small settlement was m…
There is a mysterious force that drives people to new lands and new frontiers. There is an abiding love for the land and newly turned soil, for young livestock and for the freedom of ownership, for the independence of spirit. This marker will rema…
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