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Water powered grist mill in operation on clear creek early as 1819 by white settlers in old Miller County, Arkansas Territory. New mill built in 1837 by Choctaw Joel Kemp. A later owner, Choctaw John Wilson, replaced crude undershot wheel with tur…
Small cemetery nearby contains graves of Choctaw chief Samuel Garland (1862 - 64) and family members including his mother-in-law, Sophie Pitchlynn. Peter Pitchlynn, son of Sophie and John Pitchlynn, was chief 1864 — 66. Garland migrated from…
Cut from Washington, Ark., to Fort Towson in 1831 for removal of Choctaws from Miss., became known is Choctaw Trail of Tears after thousands of suffering Indians used it to reach new lands. Road served as major east-west artery for Choctaw Nation …
Louis Rolston Jr., the cemetery's namesake, a Cherokee Indian, was born in Georgia September 10, 1838. He enlisted in the Federal Army in 1862 and served under Col. John D. Allen in Company K. of the 16th Regiment. He participated in the Battles o…
Marker Front:On September 12, 1878, the bodies of Reuban Bristow and Fred Clark were found near here. It was believed they had been killed by Northern Cheyenne Indians led by Chief Dull Knife. Bristow and Clark were cowboys hauling salt for Comman…
Nov. 28, 1868, Col. George A. Custer, commanding 7th Cavalry, attacked the Cheyenne village of Chief Black Kettle. 153 Cheyenne casualties, and 34 U.S. troops killed or wounded. Among the killed was Capt. L.M. Hamilton, grandson of Alexander Hamil…
Noted Ottawa Chief in Detroitregion. Warrior, orator andorganizer of the Indian Tribes tosave America for the Indian People.
A noted warrior / statesman whoconceived a confederation of IndianTribes to stem the flow of whitemigration, revitalize tribal cultureand preserve tribal lands along theMississippi Valley. Killed in the Battle of Thames River, 1813
1838 (approx.) 1904Famous in Military and Tacticalskill for his tribe, The Nez Perce.
1888 - 1953Sac and Fox & part Potawatomi.World's Greatest Athlete, Winner of the Olympic Games at StockholmSweden, 1912.