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The Battle of the Washita, a major engagement in the Plains Indian War which established the western expansion of the United States was fought on this site. Col. George A. Custer's command of 500 troopers from the 7th Cavalry, and a detachment of …
Beloved Southern Cherokee Chiefwho served during Civil War asbrave Brigadier General. LastConfederate leader to surrender.Donors Frances Billingsley Plains Indian Arts and Crafts
Powhatan —- 1595 to 1617Noted as the Angel of Mercy who savedthe starving colonists of Jamestown, VirginiaSculptor: Kenneth F. CampbellDonor: National Society of the Colonial Dames XVII Century
Established by Rev. John Murdock, under auspices of Friends Society, 1882. This noted school was attended by both Indian and white children. In this vicinity, was home of Wm. C. Rogers, last elected principle chief of Cherokee Nation, 1903 to 1917…
On July 17, 1863, at the Battle of Honey Springs, the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteers wrote a stirring page in American history, becoming one of the first Black units of the Civil War to play a key role in a Union victory as Major General James G. B…
Winfield S. Smith, Guthrie City Councilman and builder of many early commercial buildings, granted by deed on July 28, 1899 to Nathanial McKay the right to build a two-story 8x10 feet brick privy on his property (Lot 23) with right of access to oc…
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