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Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to Jack C. Montgomery for action on Feb. 22, 1944 WW II
Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to John Noah Reese, Jr. for action on Feb. 9, 1945 WW II
Distinguished Service Cross awarded to Billy B. Walkabout for action on Nov. 20, 1968 Vietnam
The Civilian Conservation Corps was organized by President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression. The program provided useful employment for nearly three million young men ages 17 to 26 and served to enhance and preserve our nation's natu…
Kiowa Chief Stumbling Bear who signed the Medicine Lodge Treaty, 1867, founded the first permanent settlement on Canyon Creek, southwest of here. First Government-built houses for Indians were erected in the settlement, 1877.
President Theodore Roosevelt arrived by train, in Frederick, Oklahoma, on April 5, 1905. The President came to join famed wolf hunter, Jack "Catch 'em Alive" Abernathy, on a wolf hunting expedition. More than 5,000 excited citizens packe…
Surveyed by J.C. Brown 1826-27 Heaviest traffic during California Gold Rush 1849 Abandoned on completion of A.T.&S.F. railroad in 1880
(Left Panel) The Santa Fe Trail A Bridge Between the United States and Mexico Before you is a portion of the historic Santa Fe Trail. Established as a wagon route by William Becknell in 1822, the Santa Fe Trail became the first major trade li…
The Americal (23rd) Infantry Division is unique in the annuals U.S. Army history. It was the only modern Army division that began with a name and no number assigned to it. Each time it was activated in war it grew out of a Task Force first. All th…
In the summer of 1909 the Abernathy brothers set off alone on horseback, riding from their Cross Roads Ranch in Tillman County to Santa Fe, New Mexico and back. Louie (Bud) was nine years old. Temple was only five. On April 5, 1919, with Bud and …
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