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Built in 1776 by the Rev. Alexander Dobbin. In use for some 25 years as one of the first classical schools west of the Susquehanna River. It is now a museum refurnished in keeping with the early period.
Howe planned two separate attacks against the American line. In early morning, the British Army divided here. Knyphausen's troops went east to engage the center of the line at Chadd's Ford, while a force under Cornwallis marched approximately 6 mi…
On Sept. 11, 1777, an American force of about 11,000 men, commanded by Washington, attempted to halt a British advance into Pennsylvania. The Americans were defeated near Chadd's Ford on Brandywine Creek by approximately 18,000 British and Hessian…
(1741-1818). Frontiersman known as the "Great Renegade" was born nearby. Captured by Indians, 1756, he lived among the Senecas and learned their language and culture. Following his release, he became an interpreter for the American army; deserted …
Stockaded blockhouse, built 1755-56, on the site of present Fort Hunter Museum. Used to protect the frontier and as a supply base in building Fort Augusta. Abandoned and fell to ruins after 1763.
15th U.S. Engineers. World War Volunteers. Enlisted at Pittsburgh. Trained here May 23, 1917 to July 8, 1917. Embarked from New York July 9, 1917. England July 19, 1917, to July 23, 1917. First Armed foreign troops to land in England since Sixteen…
A Christian liberal arts college which was founded by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America in Northwood Ohio in 1848. Was moved to Beaver Falls in 1880 to a site provided by the Harmony Society. Old Main built 1880 with native stone.
Constructed in 1903 as the County's first library building. The building funds were furnished by an Andrew Carnegie grant and the site and maintenance by the citizens of Beaver Falls and the Big Beaver Falls School District.
Home of Grace Greenwood (Sara J. Clarke Lippincott, 1823-1904), pioneer woman correspondent, poetess, and authoress. While living here during the mid-19th Century, she wrote many of her popular juvenile stories.
Founded 1796 in home of Abraham Powers. Old stone church built 1800 north of here on Shenango Road. First interment in cemetery 1798. Following a fire in 1848 and ue to growth in church a red brick church was built in 1857 here on Old Sandusky Trail.