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Sesquicentennial (1850-2000). Oldest continuously used church in New Brighton. Outstanding example of English Small Gothic Architecture in America. The church has a collection of superb stained glass windows by Tiffany.
Born in Uniontown on December 31, 1880 and known as "Flicker" during his youth, General of the Army and Chief of Staff. George Catlett Marshall was the organizer of the Allied victory in WWII and later served as the Secretary of State and as Secre…
The path to freedom led this way for slaves fleeing the South in the years before the Civil War. Here, they were given haven and helped along their journey by local people, through one of the key stations on the Underground Railroad, in a house on…
"Up to this time the colonies have been acting as entirely separate and independent states." From message of Governor James Glenn to the South Carolina Assembly, March 5, 1754. The Great Meadows Campaign marked the first active united action on…
Erected in November 1755 by Col. James Burd and used as one of the chain of forts to protect the frontiers during the period of Indian hostility following the defeat of General Edward Braddock.
In 1755 supplies for Braddock's army were stored here in Edward Shippen's strong stone house "at the back Run." James Burd, the son-in-law of Shippen, opened a road to carry these supplies to the west. After Braddock's defeat the remaining supplie…
Built 1907-1909 by the students of early forestry classes from trees and sandstone in the nearby hills, Conklin Hall served as a dormitory until 1989. It was named for Robert Conklin, the Pennsylvania Commissioner of Forestry who supervised its co…
Near this spot Captain John E. Cook, of John Brown's Army of Liberation, was captured and disarmed on October 25, 1859 by Daniel Logan and others. He was hanged at Charlestown, Virginia, December 16, 1859.
Captain John Cooke, one of Brown's followers, was captured near here on October 25, 1859, nine days after the raid on Harper's Ferry. He was hanged December 16, two weeks after John Brown.