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Site Of Lunette O'Meara Center of Line Of Fort Sherman 2 Siege - 6 Field Guns (Marker Number MT-40.)
Point in the line of Fort Sherman, The Chief Work of the Inner Line, Which comprised the entire line From Battery Bushnell to Signal Hill. (Marker Number MT-49.)
Point in the line of Fort Sherman, The Chief Work of the Inner Line, which comprised the entire line from Battery Bushnell to Signal Hill. (Marker Number MT-46.)
Site of Headquarters Major General Joseph Wheeler, C.S.A. Commanding Cavalry Corps (Marker Number MT-56.)
Site of Headquarters Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood, U.S.V. Commanding 3rd and 4th Corps (Marker Number MT-57.)
Southeast Angle of Fort Phelps (Negley) Begun By Confederates As Fort Cheatham (Marker Number MT-42.)
A number of black Fayette County sharecroppers who participated in a voter registration drive were evicted from their lands in 1959-60. Many of them moved to "Tent City", also called "Freedom Village", where they lived in military surplus tents fu…
Center of Fort Phelps (Negley) Southern Salient of Outer Line Begun by Confederates as Fort Cheatham 4 - 20 Pounders 8 - 10 Pounders 6 Napoleons (Marker Number MT-60.)
East Angle of Fort Phelps (Negley) Begun by Confederates as Fort Cheatham (Marker Number MT-60B.)
Site of Headquarters Lieutenant General Daniel H. Hill, C.S.A. Commanding Corps Major General John M. Palmer, U.S.V. Commanding 14 Corps Army of the Cumberland (Marker Number MT-61B.)
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