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Born in New York, 1808, he moved to Wood County in 1835 and practiced law. Was officer of Northwestern Virginia Railroad and delegate to Virginia constitutional convention, 1850-51. Delegate to Wheeling and constitutional conventions during war, h…
Constructed in 1928, connected Point Pleasant and Kanauga, OH. Name credited to aluminum-colored paint used. First eye-bar suspension bridge of its type in the U.S. Rush hour collapse on 15 December 1967, resulted in 31 vehicles falling into the r…
From the Kanawha's mouth in May, 1778, George Rodgers Clark set out to attack the British at Vicennes and Kaskaskia. The conquest of the Northwest by his little army of 175 men is ranked among the greatest exploits of all history
Organized at Barboursville Sept. 18, 1862, with Captain William Gunn as commander. Served with the Guyandotte Battalion until Jan. 1863, then was assigned as Company D 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA under Col. Albert G. Jenkins.
Scene of first battle, American Revolution, Oct. 10, 1774. Site of Washington's Camp, 1770. Site of Fort Randolph, 1776
Daniel Boone, noted scout and Indian fighter, operated trading post here, 1790. He was scout for General Lewis enroute to Point Pleasant, 1774. Named County Lieutenant for Kanawha and served in the Virginia General Assembly.
The nearby highway is part of route traversing W. Va. from Lewisburg to Point Pleasant memorialized by the state to commemorate the march of the American Colonial army of 1,200 men led by Andrew & Charles Lewis. After a month's march this ar…
On a chilly, fall night in November 1966, two young couples drove into the TNT area north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, when they realized they were not alone. What they saw that night has evolved into one of the great mysteries of all t…
The vertical resistant sandstone forming Seleca Rocks is the Tucarora of the driller and geologist. The "Tuscarora Sand" yields some gas altough it is largely untested in West Virginia
The garden before you reflects some of the crops grown by our ancestors, the hardy pioneers who settled these valleys a few centuries ago. Do you see any familiar plants that are still grown in our gardens today? Which crops do you find unusual…
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