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This boulder marks the site on Camp Hill where the batteries were fired during the War Between the States in the raid on the federal blockhouse, located at North Mountain. On July 4, 1864, the 14th, 16th, and 17th Regiments of General McCausland's…
"The Mountain State" - western part of the Commonwealth of Virginia until June 20, 1863. Settled by the Germans and Scotch-Irish. It became a line of defense between the English and French during the French and Indian War, 1754-1763.
John Donovan, a tavern keeper from Hancock, Maryland. He also purchased Lot #126, a site on which the town's first theater was built. Lot #130: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to John Donovan [no recorded date].
Charles Dick, a merchant from Spotsylvania County, Va. He was associated with Fielding Lewis, owner of adjoining Lot #45, in manufacturing firearms for Revolutionary troops at a factory in Fredericksburg, Va. Lot #44: Conveyed by the Trustees o…
Bryan Fairfax, Thomas Bryan Martin, both Trustees, and George William Fairfax. By 1798, at least four of the five lots deeded to these three nephews of Thomas Sixth Lord Fairfax were owned by Ferdinando Fairfax, son of Bryan. Lot #54: Conveyed …
Henry Whiting Lot #57 Henry Whiting of Bath, a cousin of George Washington, who also bought Lots #95, #96, #120 and #121. All five lots were owned in 1798 by his father-in-law, Col. John Carlyle of Alexandria, Va. Carlyle was one of Alexandria's…
This stone was used in the wall of the first court house in Morgan County, built by John Sherrard in 1801.
Robert Brown of Berkeley County. He sold half the lot to James Heaton in 1782 and the other half to Michael Davis of Berkeley County the following year. Lot #106: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Robert Brown, 1777.
George Dick of Berkeley County. It was bought in 1786 by Robert Throckmorton, partner with James Rumsey (see marker Lot #97) at "The Liberty Pole and Flag" Inn, perhaps the most popular inn in Bath. Lot #107: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Tow…
Higgins, of Hampshire County, originally owned this lot.
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