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Mary Elizabeth Homsley was born near Lexington, Kentucky, July 20, 1824. She move with her parents, Jacob and Sarah Oden, to Truxton, Missouri, where she was married to Benjamin Franklin Homsley in 1841. In April 1852, accompanied by Mary's parent…
To all the pioneers who passed this way to win and hold the West
Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914
In remembrance of the hardy pioneer stockmen and cowboys who drove their Texas herds across this spot into central and northern Wyoming
Over this trail, from distant Texas, passed the greatest migration of men and cattle in the history of America. (second plaque at the base:) In Memory of the pioneer cattlemen who passed this way on the Old Texas Trail 1866 to 1897. …
Front from oldest building in Lusk owned by Ellis Johnson. Originally at townsite of Silvercliff 1886. Log part of this building is from Rawhide Butte Stage Station.
In Memory of George Lathrop Pioneer of the West, Indian fighter, veteran stage driver. Born at Pottsville, Pa. Dec. 24, 1830 Died at Willow, Wyo. Dec. 24, 1915 Buried here "A good man whose life was filled with striving events." …
Although paved highways have existed in the U.S. since the 1920s, rest areas are a more recent feature of highway travel. In the 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson and First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson promoted a nationwide effort to beautify highways th…
Rawhide Buttes in front of you is an island habitat within the shortgrass prairie. Because the Buttes contain forest habitat, they support different species of wildlife than the surrounding prairie. Elk, deer, turkeys, bobcats and mountain lions a…
In the early 1900s, when homesteaders flocked to eastern Wyoming where agriculture opportunities seemed very promising, the Christian Church of Dayton, Ohio organized a religious agricultural colony and college fourteen miles west of Lusk and name…
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