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Potawatomi - Trail of Death

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About 850 Potawatomi Indians camped here near Williamsport September 14, 1838. Two deaths occurred in the evening. Three chiefs were transported in a jail wagon because they refused to leave their beloved homeland in Indiana.
Over 800 Potawatomi encamped at Sidney after their forced removal by U.S. and Indiana officials from near Plymouth, Indiana. They were being marched to eastern Kansas. Two people died at Sidney, including a child. A total of 39 Potawatomi tragically died en…
Over 800 Potawatomi were forcibly removed from near Plymouth, Indiana by U. S. And Indiana Officials and taken to eastern Kansas in 1838. This historic event was named the "Trail of Death" after the tragic occurrence of 39 recorded deaths. Though no deaths …
We honor the pioneers and the three Native Americans who died here while on the Trail of Death march in 1838 and are buried in this cemetery
About 800 Potawatomi Indians camped at Pyatt's Point during a forced march from Twin-Lakes, Ind. To the reservation on the Osage River, Kansas. One woman, three children were buried during this stop.
Forcibly removed from northen Indiana to eastern Kansas, over 800 Potawatomi encamped here, cared for sick, and were allowed to hunt; 2 children and 1 woman died; 39 deaths occurred along the entire route. Sponsors: Hanson Engineers, Springfield Meyer Mater…
Over 850 Potawatomi Indians camped here on the Wabash River in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Sept. 13, 1838, on the forced removal from Indiana to Kansas. There were 106 sick so two doctors were called in, Drs. Ritchie & son. Sanford Cox later wrote in old Se…
In 1838 some 800 Potawatomi Indians, being forcibly removed from Marshall County to Kansas, camped along this road, the LaGrange-Logansport State Road. On this "trail of death", scores of Native Americans suffered and died. The mother of Chief We-wiss-sa, s…
Potawatomi Tribal members were marched from Indiana in 1838 to be relocated on Indian Territory lands. The march was long and arduous. Many Potawatomi, especially children and the elderly, died of illness along the way. Those who survived the journey were s…
On Sept. 29, 1838, 800 Potawatomi Indians marched through Springfield on the forced removal from Indiana to Kansas. Although many had died and they faced severe hardship, they were encouraged by Judge Polke and Chief I-o-weh to exhibit pride, so they put on…