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Native Sons/Daughters of the Golden West

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Historic Gold Mining Town founded by Drury D. Bailey Feb. 1870
The Castro/Breen adobe is associated with the early development and settlement of Mexican California. The adobe is an excellent example of blended eastern and western building methods first produced in Monterey to form the Monterey Colonial architectural st…
For nearly a century, the San Antonio Winery has been the heart of winemaking culture in Los Angeles. The winery's founder Santo Cambianica left his home, Berzo San Fermo, in Lombardy, Italy in 1910. Then in 1917 he founded his company on the original Lamar…
1818 Mexican Cannon captured in Los Angeles by Americans in 1845 and placed in Fort Benson in 1856 by an independent party in a dispute with Mormons over land title.
built in 1859 during the Piute War
In memory of An Unknown Soldier who was buried here about 1870 on this the Old Military Road which ran from Ft. Bidwell in Modoc Co. to Ft. Crook, Shasta Co.
Founded December 10, 1979 Built by Molino Lodge No. 150 and Tehama City School Corner Stone States Dedicated 1859 Listed in the National Register of Historical Places June 1980
Instituted May, 1881 Building dedicated March 4, 1900 Included in Red Bluff-Tehama County Branch of the American Association of University Women Victorian Tour
Settled by Granville Swift 1840 Named by Levi Welch Post Office 1871-1879 Dedicated to all Pioneers
Built in 1884, this building became home of "Columbia Hose Company Number 4", chartered April 2, 1894. It is the oldest surviving structure of the 7 volunteer companies organized in Eureka between 1873 and 1908. Original building had 2 rooms, comb…
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