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Native Sons/Daughters of the Golden West

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One and one-half miles north of this point stood the Mountain House Station on the route of the Butterfield Stage. Operating through present Kern County during 1858-1861, this famous line ran from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco until the outbreak of t…
On this lot stood the Spanish Corral, a dance hall house of ill repute for over a decade during the Gold Rush. Two legislative acts of 1855, banned gambling and prostitution. Every fourth business in town was a saloon with ladies of the night, and soiled do…
Near this site in 1852 was erected the first Catholic Church in Downieville, with Father Dalton in charge. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1858 and replaced by the present structure the same year.
This Methodist Episcopal church, the first protestant place of worship to be erected in Downieville, was organized in 1855 by Rev. H. Ewart, who became the first regular pastor in 1856. Necessary funds were raised by Rev. John B. Hill.
This colonial style revival structure was built in 1900 for Chauncy H. Dunn and his family. Mr. Dunn was a prominent attorney, who represented several important clients including the William Land estate. The building was originally located on Capitol Avenue…
Vallejo was the official seat of state government from February 4, 1851 to February 4, 1852. The Capitol, shown above, within which the Legislature convened in 1852 and 1853, stood near this spot.
Built in 1902 by George J. Herbert, given by the family to the Solano County Historical Society in 1961, and further restored in 1969 by the Artists League of Vallejo for the cultural benefit of the public.
Soldier, explorer and discoverer of the overland route from Sonora, Mexico to California. Leader of the first Spanish settlers who came through San Carlos Pass December 1775 on their way to Monterey.Done for the love of California
This fountain is a Memorial to the Gallant Pioneers of '49 of whom Daniel O. McCarthy, patriot, miner, leader, was an outstanding example.He was born [in] Raleigh, N.C., August 24, 1830.Died Los Angeles, August 13, 1919.Through his newspaper "The Americ…
Who for twenty winters carriedthe mail over the mountains to isolated camps, rescuing the lost and giving succorto those in need along the way. Born 1827 Died 1876
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