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Native Sons/Daughters of the Golden West

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A 19th Century Mansard Style "Petite Chateau" - A gracious reminder of French influence in Los Angeles.
This adobe was built by Miguel Leonis in the early 1870's. The chain of title extends from the King of Spain to the present owners.
The first flight of a DC-3 took place on December 17, 1935, at the Santa Monica Airport. These aircraft were so successful and reliable that many DC-3 aircraft remain in service throughout the world today. The aircraft on display was built here at Santa M…
Contained within this building are the remaining portions of an adobe house built by Francisco Salvador Lugo and his son Antonio MarĂ­a Lugo. Francisco Lugo was a prominent early landholder and Antonio served as the Alcalde of Los Angeles. They completed th…
This block is the site of: First brick school house in Los Angeles known as School No. 1, built 1854-1855 Butterfield Overland Mail Company office and corral 1858-1861 Office of U.S. Quartermaster 1861 Corral for camels from Fort Tejon 1861 and Lo…
County Seat Kern County 1866 - 1873
Granted on March 22, 1843 to Maria Ygnacia Verdugo in confirmation of an earlier Spanish concession made to Vicente Feliz in 1795. Later owned by famous California pioneers Antonio Coronel and James Lick. Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith, in 1882, pu…
Dug by neophytes on the "Rancho Las Hermanas" (now owned by Philip Begue). Was used by the padres traveling over "Old Mission Trail" during the Spanish regime.
During the United States occupation of California during the Mexican-American War, La Mesa served as a campsite for the Californio forces under General Castro in the summer of 1846. The last military encounter on the California front was fought here on Janu…
Built in 1865 by Don Antonio Jose Rocha on Rancho Rincon de los Bueyes.