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Erie Canal

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Volvyder's Dry Dock, 1825.Re-established by NicholasClute, 1852. Canal boatsbuilt and repaired here.Settlement abandoned 1907.
?————?Built circa 1850 to serviceBarges on Erie Canal, servedAs store and forwardingWarehouse for goods shippedAcross river to Amsterdam
The ceremonies outside the village of Rome on Independence Day, 1817, climaxed years of discussion about building the Erie Canal. Dignitaries and local citizens assembled at sunrise to attend the start of construction. Judge Joshua Hathaway, a veteran of tw…
[Front Side- Left Panel] Welcome toLock 2 ParkYou may continue across Lock 2 to stay on the Champlain Trail to access:·Garret Field·Old River Lock #4·The Waterford Rural Cemetery·The Northside Business District·The Wate…
Head of navigation on the Mohawk, this thriving gateway post funneled traders, soldiers and settlers west for over 160 years. Warehouses — filled with furs, grain, salt, potash and other goods — lined the far bank of the Binnekill. Hundreds of r…
Begun in the 1830's and enlarged to 70'x 56'x 7'. The improvement included double and larger locks and the capacity of handling more traffic. The enlargement was used until 1918 when the barge canal opened and horse-drawn boats became a thing of the past.
Construction began in Rome N.Y. on July 4, 1817. The canal measured 40'x 28'x 4' and was 363 miles long. It went from Albany to Buffalo and was used into the 1830's.
Historic New York Utica AreaSituated on the important Mohawk Valley route between the Hudson River and the Great Lakes, Utica has long been a travel crossroads. Indian trails converged there, and Fort Schuyler was built on the site in 1758. The community…
The Niagara River between Lakes Ontario and Erie was the natural route to the interior of the continent. Following the arrival of French explorers in 1678, missionaries, traders, troops and settlers traveled by its waters. At the outlet of the Niagara River…
The Genesee River rises in Pennsylvania and flows northward 150 miles before emptying into Lake Ontario. Starting as a placid stream, the Genesee, in Letchworth State Park, plunges over three impressive cataracts, dropping 300 feet in three miles. The spect…
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