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Natchez Trace

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On February 15, 1934, while serving as U.S. Congressman from Mississippi, Thomas Jefferson Busby (1884-1964) introduced a bill authorizing a survey of the Old Natchez Trace. Four years later the historic road was designated a unit of the National Park Syste…
This monument marks the Natchez Trace through Chickasaw County. By the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832, the Chickasaw Indians ceded to the United States their lands east of the Mississippi. In 1801-1802 the old Indian trail was converted into a wagon road and be…
This monument marks the Natchez Trace at Mathiston in the county of Webster, named for the great statesman Daniel Webster. "Along this road brave spirits came over shallow brook and roaring stream, to toil and die and leave to men fulfillment of a d…
The Natchez Trace 1791 - 1913. Marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution in Ala. & Miss. This historic highway was first used as a mail route in 1791, and was a well known Indian trail in far earlier days.
Natchez Trace Marked by Daughters of American Revolution LaSalle Chapter Corinth, MS. 1908     Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce 1988