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George Washington Slept Here

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Erected 1723. (King George's Parish established 1692). Credible evidence and honest tradition record that Washington attended services here on numerous occasions.
Home of the Digges Family (descendants of Edward Digges, governor of Virginia, 1652-1668). The most intimate friend of George and Martha Washington in Prince George's County, where they visited many times. Washington spent his forty-third birthday here. Now…
General Washington came to the farm home of the Hasbrouck family in Newburgh on April 1, 1782. He occupied the house until August 19, 1783, while his troops were encamped at Temple Hill, a few miles away. These were trying months while a peace treaty was…
Home of Brig. Gen. Otho Holland Williams, Revolutionary War hero and founder, 1786, of Williamsport, and of Col. Elie Williams, president of commission to lay out National Road and chief surveyor Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. President George Washington dined …
Near here stood George Neavil's Ordinary, built at an early date and existing as late as 1792. George Washington and George William Fairfax on their way to the Shenandoah Valley stopped here in 1748.
Fording place for "Great Warriors Path" from New York to the South. Thomas Cresap built stockade fort here in 1741 used as a refuge during French and Indian War after Braddock's defeat. George Washington was here on his first visit to Maryland 1748 and ofte…
The Washington Heritage Trail is a 136-mile national scenic byway inspired by the prominent footsteps of George Washington through the three historic counties of West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. Compelling history, spectacular scenery, geologic wonders, r…
(Named for an early pioneer.) The first trail through The Glades passed near this point. George Washington on his visit here in September 1784, wrote of it: "McCulloch's Path which owes its origin to buffaloes, being no other than their tracks from one lick…
George Washington stopped here Sept. 26, 1784 on his trip to determine a feasible passage between the Potomac and the Ohio for a canal or easy portage between these rivers as a passage to western territory.
Natural Bridge holds a unique place in American history as one of the natural wonders and first tourist attractions in the New World. Artists and illustrators popularized its image. This natural semielliptical arch is made of limestone carved by nature over…
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