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George Washington Slept Here

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←Two miles southwest Washington owned 600 acres of land bought in 1775 and retained until his death. In 1786 he visited this property accompanied by Gen. Smallwood.
site of theAnnapolis ConventionSeptember 11-14, 1786Just north of this building, facing main street, stood Mann's Tavern where twelve delegates from five states met in 1786 to discuss commercial problems of the new nation. Their call for another convention …
Hackensack was a small village centered around The Green which served as a strategic point during the American Revolution. Washington headquartered here in November 1776 while he surveyed the local roads and bridges.
To the honor and gloryof thoseSoldiers of the Revolutionwhounder General Washington in 1776and General Wayne in 1779camped on this site Reverently placed by the Nova Caesarea ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution May 1916
On June 8, 1780 GeneralGeorge Washingtonestablished Headquartersat this site inConnecticut Farms (nowUnion Township) after theBritish and Hessianarmy's retreat of June 7.
Washington's Headquarters Nov. 21, 1776 was situated about one hundred feet west of this tablet. The entrance to the old Revolutionary Bridge was nearly opposite this spot. Reset by the Acquackanock Landing Chapter D.A.R. 1930
This site, approximately halfway between Augusta and Columbia, was the location of Jacob Odom's house, where George Washington spent the night of May 21, 1791, on his trip northward through South Carolina. His escort at this time consisted of Colonels Wade …
has been designated aRegistered National Historic Landmarkunder the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935.This site possesses exceptional valuein commemorating or illustratingthe history of the United States. U.S. Department of the Inte…
Commemoratingthe 200th anniversary of the meetingsbetweenGeneral George WashingtonandGeneral Sir Guy Carletonat Tappan and aboardH.M.S. Perseverance.Jointly bythe Historical Society of Rockland CountyandTappantown Historical Society. Dedicated May 15, 1983
Washington's Headquarters Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 1780, during the trial of Andre, British spy, plotter with Benedict Arnold.
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