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George Washington Slept Here

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This House was occupied by General George Washington as Army Headquarters on four occasions during the Revolutionary War. ******** Here the General in 1780, after reviewing the evidence in the case of Major John Andre, Adjunct General of the British …
Dedicated to the American people as a shrine of Patriotism, an altar of Citizenship and a Memorial to George Washington, a great Mason, a great American. May 1, 1932. M.W.Charles H. Johnson Grand Master of Masons State of New York
Morristown was a village of about 70 buildings in 1777. General George Washington, Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, brought his tired troops to Morristown for rest and reorganization in January 1777. They had just completed successful attacks …
General Washington was in Fort Lee many times during the Battle of New York. His main headquarters was in Hackensack, but had a temporary headquarters in Fort Lee near Anderson Avenue and Elizabeth Street. His main objective in Fort Lee was to observe and s…
Five miles South on this road, George Washington spent Sunday night, May 15, 1791, at the house of "one Spencer." The occasion was Washington's Southern tour, and he was traveling in his carriage over this road from Savannah to Augusta. Four miles south …
This house is an example of 18th century architecture. The Schuyler and Colfax families were prominent in shaping New Jersey history.
This house, which is Wayne's oldest, was built in 1695 by Ardent Schuyler, one of the leaders of the original settlement. William Colfax, who married Hester Schuyler in 1783, gave the house the Colfax name.
By special Act of Congress, the Betsy Ross flag is flown here 24 hours each day. This is to commemorate Washington's Army having encamped in this area June 14, 1777, the day Congress adopted the Flag Resolution. The period of encampment extended from June 1…
During the 1777 encampment, Washington's heavily entrenched stronghold defied the massed British Army of 18,000 under Howe and prevented the British movement against Philadelphia by land (June 14 to 30). This delay caused Howe to move by sea, with great los…
Dedicated a historic site in 1889 by citizens of the community to memorialize the encampment of Washington's Army in 1777 and from Nov. 1778 to June 1779. The Middlebrook encampment in New Jersey entered the National Register of Historic Places July 3, 1…
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