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The Pony Express passed here 1860-1861. Scott's Bluff station was located 2 1/2 miles northwest of Mitchell pass, near the site of the later Fort Mitchell. There were others stations at Courthouse Rock, Chimney Rock, Ficklin's Springs, and Horse Creek.
This marker has text on both sides Dedicated October 4, 2003 Hughes' Ranch Added Station July 1, 1861 - Nov. 20. 1861 by Deuel County Historical Society James Stretesky Sterling Monument Company Pony Express Trail Association …
3/4 mile east from this point Cold Springs was a popular camping ground on the Overland Trail to California, Oregon, Utah and other points in the far west. It was a stage station along the Overland Stage Route 1854-1862 and also a Pony Express relay st…
Vertical on the stake XP / Centre Star / Station Site/ Pony Express / Trail 1860 - 1861 Small plaque mounted on the stake Dedicated 2004 AKA Ward's Station Nine Mile House - Sand Point - Adolph's Sponsored by: Jim Stretesky - Frederick Family -…
South of river Old Julesberg Stage and Pony Express Station, 5 mi. S.W. Trail and station marked 1931
The Old South Bend Stage Station Built 1850 __________ Gift of E.J. Brandly and Family To the State of Wyoming In memory of Mrs. E.J. Brandly __________ On the Oregon Trail and Pony Express
South Pass was discovered in 1812 by a small band of Astorians led by Robert Stuart as they traveled east with dispatches for John Jacob Astor. It was "rediscovered" in 1824 by a party led by Jedediah Smith as they searched for a winter crossing t…
To the south stand the Oregon Buttes, a major trail landmark. The name is significant because the Buttes were roughly the beginning of the Oregon Territory and also helped keep emigrants encouraged, even though there were still hundreds of miles of rough go…
Go back in time to 1860 or 1861 and picture the traffic on the Oregon Trail - the freight wagons and stagecoaches, and the emigrants, soldiers, and Indians. But most colorful, perhaps, was the Pony Express rider streaking through Scotts Bluff.Mark Twain wit…
Middlegate was named in 1850 by James Simson as he mapped the route for the Overland Stage Company. In his journal he writes that he thought the cuts in the mountains looked like 'gates' so he named each cut Westgate, Middlegate, and Eastgate to identify th…
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