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This memorial is dedicated to the everlasting memory of the heros of all the wars who by their heroism and sacrifice have made the United States of America the foremost country of the world. Erected in honor of the World War Veterans of Curwensville, Pen…
Dedicated to theFire Department of theCity of TrentonVolunteer Department OrganizedFebruary 7, 1747Paid Department EstablishedApril 4, 1892Re-dedicated 1961(Second Plaque):Memorial to the members of the Trenton Paid Fire Department who sacrificed their live…
In honor of the Tuskegee Airman, their instructors, and ground support personnel who participated in training for combat at the Walterboro Army Airfield during the Second World War. Because of their heroic action in combat they were called Schwartz Vogel…
Erected May 9, 1935byThe Woman'sRelief CorpsDepartment of KansasAuxiliary to theGrand Army "John Brownof KansasHe dared beginHe lostBut losing won"          ? ? ? ? ? Eugene N. Ware
Presented to the people of Virginia by George Edward Barksdale, M.D. and gratefully accepted by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a tribute of admiration for Poe's scholarly genius as an eminent and vigorous writer and poet.
The value of one's life can be measured by how he or she has added value to the lives of others. In 2003 this statue was dedicated to those who gave freely of their time to serve Westminster Citizens through the fire service and community activities.
Victory St. Mihiel, Argonne Forest, Mont de Signes, Oise-Aisne Offensive. In memory of the heroes of the old 8th Infantry, Illinois National Guard, redesignated during the World War as the 370th Infantry of the United States Army who died in France. …
State Senator 1916-26Governor of Virginia 1926-30United States Senator 1933-65 The General Assembly of Virginia on March 9, 1974, authorized this memorial to Harry Flood Byrd, of Winchester, Virginia, declaring that "The sum total of this one life has ha…
(On front of granite base): William Smith.Virginia.Born Sep 6th 1797. Died May 18th 1887.1836-40. 1841-42.Member of Virginia Senate.1846-49.Governor of Virginia.1841-43. 1853-61.Member of United States Congress.1861-62.Member of Confederate States Congress.…
Washington (Marker conveys the impact of Virginians on our Country's history through its prominent and allegorical figures. See the "More about this marker" section and the links for more information).
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