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Samuel de Champlain: Born at Brovace in Saintonce about 1567. Served in the French Army as Marechal des Locis under Henri IV. Explored the West Indies from 1599 to 1601 and also Acadia from 1604 to 1607. Founded Qu?bec in 1603. Discovered the region …
The original Porcellino, or little pig, sits on the south side of the Straw Market in Florence, Italy. For generations his nose has been affectionately rubbed to bring good luck, so that today his snout is finely burnished. About 1620 Pietro Tacca cast t…
Created in the Vermont Pavilion during the Universal and International Exposition of 1967 at Montreal, Canada. Presented to the Town of Isle La Motte by the State of Vermont. Dedicated on July 7, 1968.
Waynesville has a rich musical heritage. Today we enjoy old time music in the string bands, fiddle tunes and ballads played and sung at our street dances and many folk festivals. The artist created this sculpture from recycled industrial materials. It is t…
Wm. McNeil, Hammond area's first settler, came from Vermont to Chippewa Bay pre 1812. Statue by local artist Carmen D'Avino
Corcoran Legion 2nd Division - 2nd Corps Union Army of the Potomac They fought for freedom and to preserve the Union during the American Civil War Their flag read "We strike for the Union and Constitution"
The Pony Express was an ultra-fast but short-lived mail service that ran between the East and West from 1860 to 1861. The roughly 1,900-mile route began in Missouri and passed through Wyoming and Utah before crossing the Sierra Nevada mountain range to reac…
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys demanding the surrender of Ticonderoga"in the name of the Great Jehovahand the Continental Congress"Sculptor:Larkin MeadReplica: Aristide J. Piccini
This statue was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the City of Eudora 1857 - 2007 Jim Brothers, Sculptor
Front Side of Monument: Third Wisconsin Battery 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division. 21st Army Corps. Back Side of Monument: ? ? This battery under command of 1st Lieutenant Courtland Livingston was engaged on the morning of September 19, 1863, in front of the Vi…