History happens everywhere. At the Historical Marker Project you can discover historical markers near you, wherever you are. What happened near you?

We started the Historical Marker Project to give you a place to discover history and to show you exactly where the history happened. A historical marker provides folks with a brief explanation of a notable event that occured in the past. You have more than likely seen many historical markers on your travels across the country.

At the Historical Marker Project website, you can easily search for historical markers that are located near you, or near where you might be traveling. Each marker has GPS coordinates that will help you find the marker. These coordinates can be easily added to a GPS device to guide you directly to the marker.

We have thousands of historical markers listed on this website, but we don't have every marker. When you see a historical marker that isn't listed here, please share it with us. Creating an account is simple and FREE, and only takes a few minutes. When you become a member, you'll be able to add historical markers, post comments, save favorites, check in, and more.

We also have marker listings that you can adopt. When you adopt a marker listing, you become the administrator of the marker listing here at the Historical Marker Project website. You will be responsible for ensuring all of the details regarding the listing are complete and accurate. You can also manage the pictures associated with the marker. Adopting a marker listing is a great way to maintain the listings of markers near where you live.

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