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Gunpowder Copper Works

Glen Arm, MD

Creek and Rail

Glen Rock, PA

Gilmor's Raid

Cockeysville, MD

Marker of the Week
First Cathedral in Guatemala City Historical

Guatemala, Guatemala

Esta fue laprimera catedral de Guatemalaen elValle de la VirgenHomenajede losSenadores de la J.C.I. de Guatemala1972 English translation: This was the first cathedralin the Valley of the Virgin in GuatemalaTribute from the J.C.I. Senators1… more »

Marker of the Day
Catholic War Memorial, a War Memorial

Berkeley-Springs, WV

Presented by Fr. Patrick J. Gillooly Assembly 3214 Knights of Columbus Dedicated to all Catholic men & woman who have served God and Country Anno Domini MMXII … more »

Marker of the Moment
Columbus Museums Historical

Columbus, GA

Created in the early 1950s as the city's first comprehensive museum, the Columbus Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1251 Wynnton Road, features permanent exhibits of fine and decorative arts, southeastern Indian artifacts, and regional history a… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
1961 march on the SC State House recognized with marker
March 3rd 2021 9:56AM

... in 1961 that lead to a landmark Supreme Court ruling on peaceful assembly is now marked by a state historical marker in downtown Columbia.

Film bends time to explore themes that are all too timely
March 3rd 2021 9:46AM

True to the facts taken directly from a historical marker that opens this piece, the group's home was bombed by the Philadelphia police. Asili's film ...

Edwards vs. South Carolina historical marker in Columbia, SC
March 3rd 2021 7:04AM

The protest led to a pivotal Supreme Court ruling in the civil rights movement making history here in Columbia. Edwards v. SC Historical Marker

Marie Tippit, widow of Dallas police officer slain after JFK's assassination, has died
March 3rd 2021 6:45AM

An historical marker, installed in 2012, stands near the site of the killing at East 10th Street and Patton Avenue. Credit: WFAA. Marie Tippit stands with ...

What's happening in the 'Sugar River region'? County to launch Sugar River region marketing plan
March 3rd 2021 5:00AM

Even the smallest communities in Sullivan County may have a particular trail or historical marker that, when developed and marketed properly, could ...