Tipton County Confederate Monument

Covington, TN

Union of Brother and Sisters of Ford's Asbury Lodge No. 1

White Marsh, MD

Site of Loyola College & Loyola High School

Baltimore, MD

Marker of the Week
Clearing the Way to Washington

Bladensburg, MD

The Battle of Bladensburg on August 24, 1814, ended in defeat for the United States and allowed the British to invade Washington, D.C. Once the Americans realized the British route of advance, there was little time to prepare. They hastily … more »

Marker of the Day
Communications along the Defensive Line

Arlington, VA

Communications along the Defensive Line. . Fort Ethan Allen was a repeating station, transmitting messages back and forth to other nearby stations. . . A series of signal stations linked the forts of the Defenses of Washington. The soldie… more »

Marker of the Moment
Louisiana 22nd Infantry

Vicksburg, MS

Company B Capt. J.P. Morlot Served guns on the line of defense May 18-July 4, 1863 Marks' Company Capt. Washington Marks Served guns on the river-front line May 18-July 4, 1863… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Plano park opens after renovation
November 26th 2020 4:41PM

29, 2019, the Collin County Historical Commission held a special ceremony at the park dedicating an historical marker to honor the late war hero.

Elimination of absolute poverty historical marker of new beginning
November 25th 2020 11:32PM

Elimination of absolute poverty historical marker of new beginning. The Manila Times - 2020-11-26 - Window To China -. FEEDING, clothing and ...

Peter Horry Historical Marker
November 26th 2020 2:41PM

1 review of Peter Horry Historical Marker "This marker is located in downtown Horry County in front of the county courthouse. On this side, it reads, ...

Mile Marker 10: Red Light District, Butte Montana.
November 26th 2020 8:55AM

Historical Marker: Remember the 5th of November. November 5, 2020. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published ...

Northeast Historical Markers & Tour
November 26th 2020 5:56AM

Services & Programs Learn to Earn Green Team Northeast Historical Marker & Tour Economic Sovereignty Environmental Sovereignty Food ...