Town Clock / Kaminski Building

Georgetown, SC

George Washington

Frederick, MD

Lieutenant Milton Ernest Ricketts Memorial

Owings Mills, MD

Marker of the Week
Site of the Mission of San Juan del Puerto

Jacksonville, FL

Marker Front: The establishment of missions chiefly for the purpose of Christianizing the Indian population was one of the methods used by Spain in attempting to colonize Florida in the sixteenth century. The Mission of San Juan del Puerto… more »

Marker of the Day
Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Company / Rock Hill Buggy Company and Anderson Motor Company

Rock-Hill, SC

(side 1) Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Company The Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Company, a division of M. Lowenstein & Sons, of New York, went into operation at this site during the last quarter of 1929. The first general man… more »

Marker of the Moment
Confederate War Memorial

Fayetteville, NC

In memory of theConfederate Dead On Fames eternal camping groundTheir silent Tents are spread.Rest on embalmed & sainted deadDear as the blood ye gave. Nor shall your glory be forgotWhile Fame her record keepsOr honor points the hallo… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Inside the Abandoned Ford Plant and the Search for Henry Ford's Old Office - 100.7 WITL
November 28th 2022 11:16PM

It does have its own historical marker, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as being a National Historic Landmark.

Dearborn historians release 'Stories from the Sidewalk' - Press and Guide
November 28th 2022 10:58PM

A Michigan Historical Marker commemorates the location of the retreat. The book is available for purchase at the Dearborn Historical Museum gift ...

A Mennonite scholar reframes the story of Pennsylvania's settlement [The Scribbler]
November 28th 2022 10:08PM

Lancaster Township's first historical marker commemorates Shenks Ferry Indians who lived near present-day Wabank Road. PAUL WEST.

Mountains of Memories: Preserving the Catskills' Borscht Belt era
November 28th 2022 10:06PM

The Borscht Belt Historical Marker Project aims to place a series of markers telling the story of this iconic piece of the American experience.

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Duval Preservation Trust preserving local Old Florida history
November 28th 2022 9:59PM

... and the Fort Cooper Chapter of the DAR donated and installed a historical marker at the front of the property on Orange Avenue.