Historical Marker News

Houston Chronicle: 2020-09-26
September 26th 2020 10:57AM

Texas Historical Marker soon will be dedicated in Deer Park, near what may be the oldest headstone in Harris County.

A long ago ship's sinking in Greenport comes back to the forefront
September 26th 2020 10:02AM

It seems odd to some observers that no historical marker stands at the site telling the story of the Ohio and memorializing the death of Mr. Corey.

Charlotte Harris Historical Marker to be unveiled at ceremony Saturday
September 26th 2020 7:57AM

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The Harrisonburg Community Remembrance Project Committee is hosting the unveiling and dedication of a historic ...

Ice House Memorial
September 26th 2020 5:05AM

Today a memorial stands at the site of the original Ice House. (A historical marker located in Los Alamos in Los Alamos County, New Mexico.)

Diamond Crossing in Thompsonville to receive historical marker
September 26th 2020 4:09AM

The historical marker will be formally dedicated by Tom Truscott, representing the Michigan Historical Commission The dedication ceremony will also ...

Mann historical marker unveiled
September 26th 2020 12:11AM

18 for a dedication of a historical marker recognizing Medal of Honor recipient and Reardan native Joe Mann. Mann died at 22 after jumping on a ...

Owensboro church receives historical marker after 190 years of worship
September 25th 2020 10:30PM

City Commissioner Pam Smith-Wright is a 62-year member of the church, and she started the quest to get a historical marker back in November 2019.

Sign marks third Camden site where slaves were bought and sold
September 25th 2020 9:33PM

A new historical marker will remind visitors about that legacy, and, historians, activists and educators hope, spur reflection and conversations about the ...

186-year-old headstone to be center of attention Oct. 20
September 25th 2020 9:22PM

It is now in Dow Park in Deer Park, where an Oct. 20 ceremony will dedicate a Texas Historical Marker for the headstone. What will be taking place next ...

Hoke Smith
September 25th 2020 8:40PM

A historical marker located in Newton in Catawba County, North Carolina.)

Pottery Industry
September 25th 2020 8:40PM

Begun in 18th century by Hartsoe, Hilton, Johnson, Propst, Ritchie, Seagle, and Reinhardt families living in 4 mi. (A historical marker located near Vale ...

Portland Prepares For An (Unwanted) Visit From the Proud Boys
September 25th 2020 7:30PM

A group of counter-demonstrators have announced plans to meet at 11:30 am Saturday at a historical marker across the interstate from Delta Park.

Idaho Highway Historical Marker Program
September 25th 2020 6:48PM

A typical Highway Historical Marker, containing a title, description, and sign number. This page contains the complete list of Highway Historical ...

September 25th 2020 6:21PM

SHERIFF IVEY SPEAKS AT GREEN GABLES HISTORICAL MARKER DEDICATION. Earlier this evening I had the distinct honor of speaking about ...

Create a historical marker commemorating an early European settlement.
September 25th 2020 5:43PM

Create a historical marker commemorating an early European settlement. Add answer. Log in to add comment. unchikun is waiting for your help.

New historic district
September 25th 2020 4:18PM

Then Janine Young with the El Paso County Historical Commission explains what it takes to make an historical marker. The only live radio program ...

Fourth Street Baptist unveils state historical marker
September 25th 2020 11:17AM

The application process for a state historical marker can be lengthy, taking several months. Pam Smith-Wright, Owensboro City commissioner and ...

Black, white history intersects at Nicodemus trail marker
September 25th 2020 11:15AM

A historical marker unveiled in Ellis County last week tells the story of a black community and white homesteaders and how their journeys have ...

House, built by EH 'Boss' Crump up for sale
September 25th 2020 10:52AM

There's a historical marker commemorating the home's significance standing in the front yard. “Due to ongoing interest in E.H. Crump, we've had ...

Fourth Street Baptist unveils state historical marker
September 25th 2020 5:03AM

The application process for a state historical marker can be lengthy, taking several months. Pam Smith-Wright, Owensboro City commissioner and ...

Ultimate say for Confederate matters
September 25th 2020 4:07AM

After the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' decision to remove the Marr monument and historical marker from the Fairfax County Judicial Complex, ...

Sheriff Wayne Ivey Speaks at Green Gables Marker Dedication, on US National Register of Historic ...
September 25th 2020 4:07AM

Today's dedication followed Green Gables receiving a Historical Marker that was donated by the Pomeroy Foundation. WATCH: BCSO Sherriff Wayne ...

Trailblazers for women's rights
September 25th 2020 3:33AM

There is a historical marker located outside the Homer Public Library in Licking County, Ohio, naming Woodhull as the “First Woman Candidate for ...

Position To Help Revive
September 24th 2020 3:47PM

A historical marker in his honor is being unveiled Sunday, Nov. 1, in Greenville, Ind., where he was Floyd County Seminary principal for a couple of ...

Why not erect a historical marker to make sure the sale of Nan is not forgotten?
September 25th 2020 12:45AM

According to the New York State Museum site, “New York State does not currently manage a historical marker program. Instead, local authorities are ...

Hellertown's Era of Heavy Industry Came to an End 100 Years Ago
September 24th 2020 9:22PM

Perhaps Hellertown Borough and interested politicians, with the support of citizens, could erect at least one official historical marker to inform ...

Demolition at Abilene Courts will ensure its future, Preservation League says
September 24th 2020 9:00PM

The APL will apply for a Texas Historical Marker from the Texas Historical Commission and will seek out protections to ensure the site remains ...

Historical marker rededication to honor Campbell… Event set for Monday
September 24th 2020 8:15PM

POMEROY, Ohio — On Monday, Sept. 28, a re-dedication ceremony will be held for a Meigs County, Ohio native whose literary genius and ...

ACAC Releases Recommendations for the UGA Presidential Task Force on Race, Ethnicity, and ...
September 24th 2020 8:15PM

1) University of Georgia Historical Marker (1991): A historical marker for the institution itself celebrates UGA's Confederate heritage on both its sides: ...

13 Spots in America Where Famous Protests Took Place
September 24th 2020 7:41PM

... and a historical marker has been erected in remembrance of the Boston Tea Party in the approximate place where the fateful protest unfolded.

Fayetteville receives final presentation of Master Plan proposal
September 24th 2020 6:11PM

... can even use a historical marker or a piece of art – but you want to have the opportunity, at that monument point, to draw people to your downtown.”.

Things To See In Granite Falls Minnesota
September 24th 2020 3:16PM

A Witness To Time Marker Granite Falls Minnesota Travel Historical Marker. 5 Enchanting Urban Waterfalls That Everyone In Minnesota Should Visit ...

The value of McCook's heritage
September 24th 2020 1:52PM

Their first stop was actually to the historical marker across the street at Norris Park. Next, they walked north to look over the Harry Strunk memorial, ...

Historical marker unveiled
September 24th 2020 1:35PM

A Collin County Historical Marker recognizing the farm of Murphy pioneers Comfort Allen and Lydia McMillen was unveiled in a ceremony Saturday, ...

Experience Community helps Holloway commemorate its history
September 24th 2020 12:56PM

24, 2019, dedicated the Holloway High School Historical Marker. At the time, Society President Mary R. Watkins said the marker is located at the ...

Indian marker trees map
September 24th 2020 11:23AM

John J Crittenden House Historical Marker is situated east of Choateville, close to Old State Capitol. Indian Marker Tree Trail (0. Building, Buffalo tablet ...

Historical marker unveiled
September 24th 2020 11:03AM

A Collin County Historical Marker recognizing the farm of Murphy pioneers Comfort Allen and Lydia McMillen was unveiled in a ceremony Saturday, ...

This foliage season, hike it, bike it, drive it or hoof it through the Granite State
September 24th 2020 10:07AM

Part-way along the trail is a New Hampshire historical marker for the site of a water-powered saw mill, an Industrial Revolution era industry that was in ...

Historical marker to make debut Oct. 6
September 24th 2020 6:11AM

Historical marker to make debut Oct. 6. By Bryan Davis Publisher, READ MORE > 130 Reads On Wed, 09/23/2020 - 04:08 PM. The Fannie Lou Hamer ...

Indian marker trees in texas
September 24th 2020 5:15AM

(A historical marker located near Ackerman in Choctaw County, Mississippi. The Gateway Park Comanche Indian Indian Marker Tree Indian Mound ...

Pond train station could get historical marker near Geauga Lake
September 24th 2020 4:18AM

The station is being considered for a historical marker to commemorate the former amusement park. The site of a former historic train station in ...

FOX4 News Kansas City
September 24th 2020 3:45AM

City leaders took down a historical marker in Parkville because it explained how the historic river city had once been home to a slave market. Now...

Plaque for Black Unanimously OK'd by Pulaski Board
September 24th 2020 3:33AM

“Accordingly,” Nelson continued, “we request that a historical marker be erected in the vicinity of the public entrance which both recognizes this park ...

Historical Marker Database Map
September 24th 2020 1:35AM

Marker Logo, HMdb.org, THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. Hazen In Hazen on U.S. 50 at California Road. BESbswy.

Sesquicentennial train kiosk finally home
September 23rd 2020 9:11PM

The historical marker was unveiled last year at the city's Sesquicentennial Celebration sponsored by the Galt District Chamber of Commerce.

Historical markers highlight contributions of African Americans to El Paso's history
September 23rd 2020 7:52PM

“The Official Texas Historical Marker program helps bring attention to community treasures and the importance of their preservation,” said Mark Wolfe, ...

Virginia Board Approves State Historical Marker In Waterford
September 23rd 2020 4:18PM

The state historical marker in Waterford will trace the town's origins from the 1700s and its treatment of Black residents. By Mark Hand, Patch Staff.

Roswell will allow a historical marker... - North Fulton County News Now
September 23rd 2020 4:01PM

Roswell will allow a historical marker to placed near the site of where the body of Black man was found in 1936.

New Pineda Causeway bridge to be named for Army hero John Cleland, who fought in 3 wars
September 23rd 2020 3:33PM

At the eastern side of the Pineda Causeway, a historical marker near South Patrick Drive shows the bridge and causeway are named for Max K.

Historical Marker Database Map
September 23rd 2020 2:09PM

HMdb.org, THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. Wadsworth In Wadsworth on Main Street (Nevada Route 427) west of Lincoln Highway ...

Historical markers to be unveiled Oct. 4
September 23rd 2020 1:07PM

The Fulton Cemetery historical marker approved by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History that commemorates the Fulton Cemetery as a ...

LaRue Recognizes Revolutionary Patriots
September 23rd 2020 12:56PM

The LaRue County Genealogy Society, The Lincoln Museum, The LaRue County Historical Marker Program, and LaRue County Fiscal Court also ...

Orleans County Historical Society celebrates Alexander Twilight
September 23rd 2020 12:33PM

The state, Ms. Jackson said, chose to recognize the anniversary of Mr. Twilight's birth by replacing the historical marker put up in the 1940s with a new ...

For the sake of preservation
September 23rd 2020 12:05PM

Hubbard family members stand nearby and help unveil the historical marker at the location of the old mill. (Cody Thompson / Reporter-Times).

For the sake of preservation
September 23rd 2020 12:00PM

The Hubbard Mill Historical Marker is officially displayed at the mill's former location along Ind. 42 at a ceremony Saturday. The marker project was ...

Babcock fire 'not a loss' for people with disabilities, agency says. Here's why
September 23rd 2020 9:02AM

Nichols said anything from a historical marker to a disability museum as part of the new Babcock Building development would be needed to ...

Gutters Nacogdoches Tx
September 23rd 2020 7:31AM

Gutters Adelaide With Images Custom Built Homes. Doak Pavilion Site Historical Marker Taylor Texas Williamson County Williamson County Historical ...

Highlighting Raphael Rivera: Historians believe he was first westerner to make it to the Las Vegas ...
September 23rd 2020 7:18AM

... area earned that name. The Rafael Rivera Park Community Center is named after him, and he is commemorated by Nevada Historical Marker 214.

Parkville leaders consider whether 'slavery' belongs on historical markers
September 23rd 2020 4:00AM

... the last few months, city leaders in Parkville also removed a prominent historical marker along a traffic triangle near the downtown business district.

Editorial: The monument that Roanoke needs
September 23rd 2020 3:56AM

Here is our modest suggestion: This calls for some sort of historical marker or other commemoration. Now, at first blush “the 19th Amendment passed ...

Reverend Dr. C. T Vivian Historical Marker Dedication
September 23rd 2020 3:32AM

Join us in Macomb on Saturday, September 26, as we install a new historical marker commemorating the life of civil rights pioneer Reverend Dr. C....

New Mexico and the influenza epidemic of 1918
September 22nd 2020 9:11PM

According to the state historical marker in Carlsbad, Anderson never lost a single patient. A bell rang for every death. Even though state and local ...

Skeletal remains uncovered near Fremont pork processing plant
September 22nd 2020 8:58PM

A nearby historical marker displays McNeal's name, and lists her birth date as Sept. 30, 1833, and the date of her death as Aug. 5, 1858. The marker ...

Tales of Old Chatham
September 22nd 2020 4:07PM

Motorists driving over what Canaanites call the 'old' road to Queechy Lake will pass an historical marker in front of the Jason Walker home, where ...

Iowa's Oldest Building Has Been Around Longer Than Iowa Has Been a State
September 22nd 2020 3:53PM

It will celebrate its 200th birthday later this decade. The Louis Arriandeaux Log House was built in 1827, according to a historical marker on the building.

OU Graduate Quinn Hunter One of Only 38 Worldwide Selected For 2020 Chautauqua Visual Arts ...
September 22nd 2020 3:33PM

Hunter guerrilla installed a plaque for Davis about three years prior to the installation of an official historical marker near the site of Davis' lynching in ...

First Louisiana Oil Wells
September 22nd 2020 1:52AM

... Historical marker · Historical society · HMS Tremendous · Holes · Huey Long · Hunting · Hunting Trip · Hydrocarbon exploration · Identical · Inspired ...

Reverend Dr. C. T Vivian Historical Marker Dedication
September 21st 2020 10:36PM

Join us in Macomb on Saturday, September 26, as we install a new historical marker commemorating the life of civil rights pioneer... (21 Sep 2020 ...

Top 10 Things To Do In Williamsburg, Virginia
September 21st 2020 9:45PM

You'll be able to pull over at a few spots along the way to read a historical marker, enjoy a viewpoint, or to let faster cars pass. Step Back in Time.

Quinlan: Celebrating soy
September 21st 2020 6:22PM

I watched as a historical marker was unveiled to a crowd of onlookers. I couldn't see through their masks, but I could tell by their eyes that everyone ...

Historical Marker Dedicated At Old Fayette County Jail
September 21st 2020 3:33PM

Since March the Texas Heroes Museum in downtown La Grange had been closed because of pandemic precautions. But for one day, Saturday, the ...

For the sake of preservation
September 21st 2020 1:36PM

... and the longest family-owned business in the town, according to a pamphlet handed out at its historical marker dedication ceremony Saturday.

New York's Central Park Pays Homage to the Suffrage Movement
September 21st 2020 11:37AM

The first historical marker was established in Battle Creek, Michigan, and in 1999, on the bicentennial of her birth, a larger-than-life sculpture by Tina ...

Plaques commemorate Niagara Gorge Scenic Railway at Artpark State Park
September 21st 2020 10:52AM

“What did the foundation require for these historical marker grants? Primary evidence. This required one or two trips to the Niagara Falls Public Library ...

The Rise and Fall of Creal Springs' Ozark Hotel
September 21st 2020 4:41AM

The historical marker is located at at Dippy Motsinger Memorial Park in Creal Springs and is the second officially sanctioned Illinois State Historical ...

76 years ago, this WWII paratrooper threw himself on a grenade to save his buddies
September 20th 2020 5:13PM

... afternoon to dedicate a historical marker to Mann, made possible by the work of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Historical Marker Database Map
September 20th 2020 9:23PM

Marker Logo, HMdb.org, THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. Casa de Pedrorena de Altamirano In San Diego. BESbswy.

Rice County Historical Mural Historical Marker
September 20th 2020 2:45PM

A historical marker located in Lyons in Rice County, Kansas.)

Closed but not forgotten, Roosevelt High School gets state historical marker
September 19th 2020 10:30PM

Closed but not forgotten, Roosevelt High School gets state historical marker. Steve Euvino; Sep 19, 2020; Sep 19, 2020 Updated 1 hr ago. Return to ...

Historic Lapeer house damaged in Wednesday evening fire
September 20th 2020 3:09AM

Known to history buffs as “The Tuttle House” — marked by a historical marker — the three-story Queen Ann-style mansion at the northeast corner of N.

Historical Marker Database Map
September 20th 2020 12:33AM

HMdb.org, THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. Hang Gliding In Newport Beach near San Miguel Drive 0.3 miles north of Port Sutton Drive ...

Marker installed outside Vernon AME Church is first element of Black Wall Street memorial project
September 19th 2020 10:52PM

"The historical marker represents the first destination point on Greenwood that speaks to the true unspeakable tragedy that occurred almost 100 years ...

Historical marker dedicated at Gary Roosevelt: 'This place matters'
September 19th 2020 10:30PM

Indiana Landmarks and Roosevelt alumni dedicated a historical marker at 730 W. 25th Ave., citing the significance of the school built for Blacks in ...

Town of Yorkville Historical Marker
September 19th 2020 9:27PM

1 review of Town of Yorkville Historical Marker "This two-sided marker is located on the grass in front of the City Hall and details the founding of the ...

Historical Marker.jpg
September 19th 2020 9:21PM

A historical marker was dedicated outside Vernon AME Church in Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020. KELSY ...

Smith questions cemetery accounts proposal
September 19th 2020 2:03PM

Old Pisgah Cemetery, located north of downtown not far from the Blue Gym, is an historic old cemetery with many old graves, and includes a historical ...

Maplewood Village to be nominated as historic district
September 19th 2020 1:52PM

... Durand Road, Highland Place, Inwood Place, Lenox Place and Baker Street is another historical marker of the area, according to Hickey, in addition ...

Liberty Ride carries symbolic copy of Emancipation Proclamation through Oberlin
September 19th 2020 10:07AM

A stone's throw away from an Underground Railroad historical marker at the corner of routes 511 and 58 in downtown Oberlin, he popped the cap off ...

Historical marker dedicated Friday at Reardan home of Joe Mann, WWII Medal of Honor recipient
September 19th 2020 7:41AM

A group of about 50 friends, family and well-wishers gathered in the front yard Friday afternoon to dedicate a historical marker to Mann, made possible ...

Continued Faith — Fourth Street Baptist celebrating 190 years with state historic marker
September 19th 2020 5:03AM

That distinction will come with the unveiling of a state historical marker at 2 p.m. on Sept. 24. City Commissioner Pam Smith-Wright, a trustee and ...

Historical Marker Database Map
September 19th 2020 12:45AM

THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. Service Station In Port Gamble on State Highway 104 west of Olympian Avenue. BESbswy.

Trump's Vision for American History Education Is a Nightmare
September 18th 2020 11:03PM

The same President who made up a Civil War battle in order to put a faux historical marker on his golf course, whose administration meddles with the ...

The origins of the Chapman House
September 18th 2020 9:45PM

“In the article you state that Dr. Chapman built the house in 1847. I know that is what Helen Tudor says and what is listed on the historical marker, but the ...

Hot Springs residents trying to save historic sandstone building
September 18th 2020 8:26PM

Hot Springs has a historical marker that notes sandstone was the building block of Hot Springs. The Fall River County Courthouse, Black Hills ...

Town Dedicates Historical Marker For Famed 1800s Oyster Sloop
September 18th 2020 7:41PM

The new historical marker was donated by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation under their Historic Signage Grant Program. (Town of Oyster Bay).

Historical marker
September 18th 2020 4:42PM

... experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Historical marker. Thread starter danhorn; Start date 50 minutes ago ...

Historical Marker
September 18th 2020 12:58PM


Chippewa Garden Club
September 18th 2020 2:48PM

The Chippewa Garden Club provides plants, mulch, fertilizer and caretaking of the planting area under the historical marker, with the most recent ...

New historical, originally honoring Vietnam troops, placed outside Mission
September 18th 2020 2:15PM

... more clearly mark the site of a historical marker put there in the late 60s by local Scouts – Salinas Troop 233 to be exact – to honor Vietnam troops.

download historic marker program application
September 17th 2020 9:08PM

Historical Marker. The Marker remains the property of the Jefferson County. Historical Commission. If a Marker reeds replacement due to damage or ...