Skaggs Trace

Livingston, KY

Hovie Alexander Nealy

Pickens, SC

Mr. Richard Perry Home Site

New Haven, CT

Marker of the Week
Birthplace of Kauikeaouli

Kailua-Kona, HI

Kauikeaouli, the second son of Kamehameha I and Keōpūolani, was born within this enclosure. Stillborn, he was cleansed in the water of Kaopa Spring at the edge of the bay and revived as he laid upon the large rock to the left. … more »

Marker of the Day
The Decline of the Jewish Community of Gerolzhofen from January 30, 1933

Gerolzhofen, Bavaria

[Marker text in German:] Urkundlich nachweisbar genehmigte im Jahr 1425 F?rstbischof Johann II v. Brunn die Anssigmachung von Juden in Gerolzhofen. Viele j?dische Mitb?rger engagierten sich im ?ffentlichen Leben und genossen Vertrauen und … more »

Marker of the Moment
Stevens' Battery

Gettysburg, PA

Stevens'Battery,5thMaine.July 1, 1863.… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
This Week's Milestones: Dec. 8-14, 2019
December 7th 2019 7:52PM

A historical marker was unveiled for St. John the Baptist Church in Camalig town, Albay province. The massive stone church built by Franciscan ...

Riordan: KKK 'message of hate' unwelcome in South Jersey
December 7th 2019 5:11PM

Patrick Duff, a civil rights activist and leader of the historical marker project, sees the flyers as “ the result of what's been going on politically for the last ...

Historical Marker at Hilltop Park Honors Residents' Preservation Work
December 7th 2019 2:43PM

The work of three history lovers has been honored by the City of Wyoming with an historical marker at Hilltop Park.

South Texas tribe vows to fight border wall, sues to abet tribal cemetery
December 7th 2019 11:48AM

“The full hassle is to proceed to be a historical marker for future generations and that is why we're right here combating for the things. The fight is now ...

COMMENTARY: A day that did not have to live in infamy
December 7th 2019 9:56AM

On the grounds of the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu, there is a historical marker that recounts the story of that critical early warning, and ...