Sam Powell and U.S. Court

Wagoner, OK

Passenger Pigeon

Hanover, PA

Dickeyville's Historic Legacy

Baltimore, MD

Marker of the Week
First Tavern

Marion, NY

1800 First Tavern kept in Marion was located on this site. … more »

Marker of the Day
Rehoboth Presbyterian Church

Rehoboth Presbyterian Church. . Erected here in 1706 Francis Makemie Began his ministry on land granted to him in 1683 . var plainText = document.getElementById(inscription1).innerText; document.getElementById(in… more »

Marker of the Moment
Benjamin Harrison

Charles-City, VA

In this graveyard is buried Col. Benjamin Harrison, V December 13, 1730 April 24, 1791 Singer of the Declaration of Independence Member of Virginia House of Burgesses Continental Congress Federal Constitutional Convention Thri… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
MSU Chorale to Premiere Piece Sunday About 1906 Springfield Lynchings
February 20th 2020 11:15PM

Springfield's 1906 lynchings led to a mass exodus of the black community. In the past year, the city has unveiled a historical marker on the downtown ...

More Than Exceptional
February 20th 2020 10:07PM

Today, the city of Sun Prairie honors her with a historical marker and special events. The University of Wisconsin awarded her an honorary degree and ...

Clark Memorial unveils historical marker from the Metro Historical Commission on Sunday ...
February 20th 2020 6:45PM

The pictures below tell the story of Clark Memorial's Historical Marking being unveiled as a kickoff to their 155 year Anniversary celebration. The event ...

Philadelphia Civil Rights Tour Inspires Debate on Risk
February 20th 2020 2:37PM

... area, the attendees sat in on a Sunday morning service, and toured Mother Bethel, which is ringed on the outside with blue historical marker signs.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: CC Spaulding, a man from Columbus County who ran the richest black ...
February 20th 2020 2:03PM

A historical marker stands in downtown Durham near the current North Carolina Mutual, a much larger building that the original company which ...