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Dedicated to 1st Sgt. Leonard G. Lomell, a former member of Company D, 2nd Ranger Battalion, United States Army, World War II, in recongnition of his Distinguished Service to his unit and country. On June 6, 1944, D-Day, 1st Sgt. Lomell, as an act…
Erected toSpanish War Veterans1898 - 1902 Dedicated tothose who rendered serviceSinking of the MaineSan Juan HillSantiagoPorto RicoSantiago BayManila BayPhillipine InsurrectionEl CaneyChinese Boxer Rebellionand all others who served1898 1902
Abraham Lincolntraveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ???1847 - 1857
In honor of those who servedin the Armed Forces of theUnited States of America In Memory ofAll American VeteransThis memorial honors all American veterans who, although separate by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal — to valian…
The Memorial Gardenis named afterVol. Joe Coombes, Platin Road.Vol. Noel Gallagher, Mountfield, Co. TyroneVol. Harry McCormick, Prioryland, Duleekand is in memory ofall those who dedicated their livesto and for the cause of Irish freedom.This monu…
Site of a skirmish between confederate cavalry commanded by General J.E.B. Stuart, and Maryland militia on June 29, 1863. The Confederates easily defeated their opposition and continued northwardly towards Hood's Mill and Westminster.
John R. Kissinger, who lived in Huntington in his latter years, became the first volunteer to subject himself to the bite of an infected mosquito (1900) in an experiment to identify the cause of "Yellow Jack" (Yellow Fever). This successful experi…
Dedicated to the W.W.I. veterans 1914 - 1918
This Tablet marks the spot at which theLOCOMOTIVE "GENERAL"Was Abandoned by Andrews RaidersAfternoon of April 12th, 1862 Capt. Jas.J. Andrews , with twenty volunteers from Sill's Brigade, Mitchell's Corps, U.S.A. and a citizen of Kentucky, all …
The fortress known to history as "The Alamo" was originally built by the Spanish in the 18th Century. Named Mission San Antonio de Valero by Franciscan officials, the mission occupied this site from 1724 until it was closed in 1793. The mission co…
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