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The mine manager's house was built in 1919by John O. Greenway, General Manager of Calument & Arizona Mining Co. Michael Curley, the first occupant lived here until his retirement in 1939. Of the 14 subsequent managers, 12 lived in this house. It w…
Americans first worked the copper deposits at Ajo in 1854, one year after the Gadsden Purchase. These early American miners found abandoned workings and crude mining tools as mute evidence of earlier mining in the district. During the next half…
Pursuant to judgment rendered in the superior court of the Sate of Arizona, in and for the county of Pima, Case no. 30813, The bodies of persons buried in the Old Clarkston Cemetery which lay approximately 1700 feet northwest of this point, have b…
Ajo was first located on the ground that later became the open pit mine. The modern city was founded in its present location in 1917 coincident with the beginning of large scale mining of the copper deposits. Ajo is the home of the New Corne…
On August 9, 2002While protecting visitors from harm,United States Park RangerKris EggleWas slain in the line of duty. His service and sacrificeTo the National Park ServiceAnd the people of this countryWill never be forgotten.