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? ? ? Built by the English companyof Allen & Turner about 1700,whose iron works wereconfiscated in 1778 by order of theContinental Congress. Firstmaster of record to occupy itwas John Hackett.
Named for Andover, England.Begun in 1760 by Allenand Turner. Pig iron fromhere made fine steelfor Continental Army.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad started construction on an eleven million dollar connection between Port Morris and Columbia, NJ in 1910. Completed within less than two years, it was an engineering marvel of its time, given that it w…
Purchased from a large tract of land belonging to William Penn, William Allen and Joseph Turner started their iron works here in 1760. Slaves and indentured servants were employed to extract and process iron ore to produce fine grade iron. The iro…
Johnsonburg Historic DistrictSettled 1740Trading, stagecoach stop, early farming and milling settlement. Known in 1753 as Logg Gaol, First Seat of Sussex Co. New Jersey & National Historic Place designation achieved in 1991.