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Side A Mifflin was founded in 1816. Originally known as Petersburg, the name was changed in 1827 in honor of the settlers that moved here from Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The first village jailhouse and crossroad watering tr…
Founding of Ashland College The dream of establishing a college was born in the hearts of members of the German Brethren Church. In March 1877, a meeting was held at the Maple Grove Brethren Church to discuss the establishment of a college in Ash…
On this site in 1835 John Studebaker erected his home and shop with this legend over the door: "Owe no man anything but love one another" Here were born three of his sons who later founded the Studebaker institution in South Bend, Indiana
FrontTensions between Native Americans and Euro-American settlers remained high on the Ohio frontier during the War of 1812. Grievances mounted rapidly following the removal of the Greentown Delawares to Piqua in the late summer of 1812. On Septem…
"Remembering a Brother"18 Nov 47 - 19 Feb 68CoC 3rd Bn/60th Inf (Riverine)9th Inf Div. U.S. ArmyKIA southeast of Can Tho CityPhong Dinh Province, Republic of Vietnam
Erected in 1957 by George and Jessie Jones in loving memory of their son, Earl E. Jones, Ashland College student 1920-21, who died in 1921. This terrace is dedicated to the pleasurable growth and development of the young people who attend Ashla…
To the World War veteransin memory oftheir deceased comradesand those who remain to serve
To the Soldiers and Sailors of Ashland County, who in times of the nations peril offered their lives in defense of their country, that liberty, equality and justice, might be preserved. This tablet is dedicated by the citizens of this county.
To the heroic pioneers who braved the perils of the pathless wilderness to establish homes for their loved ones, and who laid the foundation of our commonwealth so broad and deep in this their new homeland that their descendants might freely enjoy…
Tothe patriotic menand womenof Ashland Countywho served theircountryin time of need