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Jean Baptiste le Moyne Siuer de Bienville. . Explored the Bay of Saint Louis on August 25, 1699 and named it for Louis IX of France. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElem…
On this site stood the "Spanish Customs House," perhaps the oldest structure in Bay St. Louis. The house is believed to have been built by French colonist Hyacinth Caron in 1787. The date of construction is based on an inscription in the brickwork…
On January 7, 1855, a Catholic parochial school was established on this site by the Sisters of St. Joseph who came to Bay St. Louis from Bourg, France at the request of Reverend Louis Stanislaus Buteux, first pastor of Our Lady of the Gulf Catholi…
Hancock County Bank opened on October 9, 1899. Weeks later the bank's board of directors purchased this property at the corner of Main Street and South Beach as the site of a new headquarters. Bay St. Louis's first two-story brick building, the ba…
Founded 1854, by Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Oldest institution of learning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. On Beach Boulevard, facing the Gulf, the school became college preparatory in 1923.
Located here was a two-story, French Creole house, with two-tiered galleries. Although construction may have begun prior to the War of 1812, the house was not completed until 1828. Situated on a large plantation, with Sea Island cotton its princip…
First established as the Elim Baptist Church in 1858, this congregation was dissolved in 1877 and revitalized in April 1896 as First Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. O.D. Bowen. The church moved to this location on Main Street in Octobe…
Founded 1920 in Greenville, Miss., by Divine Word Missionaries. Moved to Bay St. Louis, 1923. Oldest existing Catholic seminary in Miss. for training of young men as missionary brothers & priests.
Front The 100 Men D.B.A. Hall, a longtime center of African American social life and entertainment, was built in 1922 by the One Hundred Members' Debating Benevolent Association. Over the years the association sponsored many events and also ren…
Born in Maine, 1793, Hancock Co. judge. Served in Miss. House of Representatives, 1827 - 29. Pres. of St. Const. Conven., 1832. Elected judge of High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1837. Died 1840.