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Named for General Anthony Wayne, his defeat of the Indians in 1794 made possible peaceful settlement of the Ohio Territory and beyond.
Artifacts covering a span of 8000 to 9000 years were found here by members of the Amockwi Chapter 17 Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology in the 1960s and 1970s. This stratified site is located on a flood plain with periodic floods sealing habitat…
In continuous service as a schoolhouse from 1844-1950. During its 106 years it exemplified the basic element of the American public school system of the 19th century, a one room school in which one teacher taught eight different grades.
The great trail between Fort Pitt and Detroit was traveled for years by Indians. It was used by the expeditions of Bouquet's Royal Americans. Blackwatch. Virginia and Pennsylvania Militia in 1764 and McIntosh's Continentals and Virginia Militia in…
This house, built by Samuel French, about 1845, was the home (1884-1904) of Matthew Stanley Quay. Born in 1833, Quay graduated at age 17 from Jefferson College. His first political office was as prothonotary. After a brilliant Civil War record and…
Source of water to Beaver Borough 1802-1886. From hillside springs, pipes bored from logs carried water to the center of town. First reservoir, built 1845 from native stone, still stands.
Beaver County Agriculture Society formed January 26, 1853. Site of annual fairs until 1899. Located between Leopard Lane, Otter Lane, Sharon Road and Fair Avenues. First board of managers: John Carothers, Thomas Thorniley, Thomas McKinley, Daniel …
Built here in Old Sharon were covered keel boats for a proposed expedition by Aaron Burr to annex the American southwest from Spanish America. Suspicions were aroused against him and he was tried for treason but was acquitted.
The church was founded in 1830 by former slaves and was first black organization in Beaver County Built on Mulberry Street in 1880. Destroyed by fire in 1900 and rebuilt in 1902. It was damaged severely by the 1936 flood. The present church was bu…
The size and shape of the fort was confirmed by the angle of the nearby foundation wall, which matches the opposite wall on the west side. The fort was very large and well built, constructed of square - hewn logs laid horizontally on stone foundat…