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During the term of Thomas Jefferson, the Embargo Act of 1807 was passed ending the importation of iron from England and Europe. Iron furnaces sprang up immediately in western Pennsylvania to supply the needs of the pioneers and cash-in on the high…
This striking waterfall is the result of geologic activity some 18,000 years ago. Immense glaciers covering this region began melting, sending floodwaters down Clarks Run. Eventually, the creek cut deeply through the overlying rock and soil until …
Namath played 13 seasons in the American Football League and the National Football League for the New York Jets and the Los Angeles Rams as an All-pro quarterback. Widely considered to be one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. "Broadway Jo…
Founded in 1889 by W.A. McCool in Beaver Falls at Hartman Steel. First cold finished bar steel plant in Pennsylvania. Owned by Republic Steel 1929-1984. Later owned by LTV 1984-1989 and by Republic Engineered Steels, Incorporated since 1989.
The church was founded by a small group of people under the leadership of Reverend Jordan D. Brown, in 1893. The church was chartered in 1919. Ground was broken for the present church in 1926 under Reverend G.E. Sallie. The mortgage was burned in …
Built 1872 on land owned by John McKinley. Pupils in grades one to eight attended here 1873-1929. Purchased by McKinley School Historical Society of Chippewa in 1992. School house now serves as a museum.
Operated between January 19, 1896 and 1927. One of the shortest and most unusual trolley car lines in the United States. The line operated with one car built by J.G. Brill of Philadelphia. A dummy car counterbalanced by scrap metal ran on a parall…
Founded 1859 as Homewood Junction of Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago and Erie and Pittsburgh Railroads. Named for Ironmaker James Wood.Incorporated in 1910. Post Office was known as Racine Pennsylvania. Historic Saint Cloud Hotel, Clydesdale Qu…
During 64 years, "Ing-Rich" became one of the leading producers of porcelain enamel products in the United States. Noted for durability, the company's output included outdoor advertising signs and "porcel panels" for building exteriors; it also ma…
A Christian liberal arts college which was founded by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America in Northwood Ohio in 1848. Was moved to Beaver Falls in 1880 to a site provided by the Harmony Society. Old Main built 1880 with native stone.